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Markets losing fifty percent. Each time. If it happens, again, how much are you willing to lose? Let's prepare a personalized retirement portfolio stress test just for you, don't let market volatility. Derail your retirement. Call today for a complimentary visit to review your retirement portfolio. Call now seven two four eight eight eight six four that's seven two four eight eight eight six zero four or go to your money your retirement dot com. Veterans. It's time to take advantage of the VA benefits you deserve. This April Zesbaugh. We thank you so much for your service and want to see that you received the greatest savings when it comes to owning a home on the land. You wants to fend it when using your VA benefits. There's no down payment or mortgage insurance required. Plus you'll receive some of the lowest rates in the industry. Already in a mortgage. Not a problem you can refinance any existing mortgage into a VA loan while receiving access to one hundred percent of your home's value. That's greater than any other loan program can offer and even though it's called the VA loan. It's available to active duty military on their spouses. So you don't have to wait to take advantage of such incredible savings a salary based mortgage consultants at American financing will listen to your financial goals and customize loan program just to fit your needs, call them and see what they can do for you at 303-695-7000 that 695-7000 or American financing dot net. The official mortgage company of KOA NewsRadio tell them that April. Sent you. One eight two three three four regulated by the.

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