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I couldn't believe it. I was driving down the road and the flying saucer. That's right. A flying saucer landed there, and he said to me did you make this San witch and he held a sandwich out alien. It was an alien. And I said, no, I didn't. But he said we'll try that. And I took a bite. It was wonderful. It was wieners cheese. Wieners cheese. The great cheese from a walkie even aliens by wieners cheese. The squeeze tease only because there's something having to do with their lungs whether they're able to breathe oxygen actually what they do is. They suck the canisters drive of the squeeze. Jay's. You know, wieners cheese. Get it today. Nine out of ten alliens agree. That's asinine. I don't care nine out of ten aliens. Agree, we took a, you know, we've got it scientific right here. Bullshit. Back world-famous fill every show filigree showed that calm. And it's time for the main man, Ted bell Potenza. Beverly Hills is about happening with the buffalo. Mafia? Steakhouse. We get we enjoy what we do. I try to get involved in something with the buffalo. Yes. Ted Bill is here the world famous fill injury show from Ted's of Beverly Hills. You had a big weekend. I know we ended up what a people out of area in joint very much having people in the restaurant of primary room was filled out. Latching of people enjoying a you know our bar fair. We do the dirty rice, you know, Phil. We have a tamales the hot tamales. We'll have the the many waiters that miniature chickens. We have reordered. So we'll try to restock that. We have the the the miniature chickens that you were done with that. Well, no, we're not we still have we have someone order. People are controversial that chicken doesn't do it doesn't feel. Yup. People want to be seen eating the miniature chicken. He we can do. We also have the mini wieners and a small tiny buns. And if you'd like to be if he Bettini glasses of beer, Debbie's Dixie ways, small it's the latest thing. People want to order underside stuff. No. It's too bad. You're not single. What are right? That's funny. Okay. General I know you love to give it okay? With some of this stuff goes too far on Tanna. Having a good time. You're having a good time. Make a long story short. Yeah. We had the buffalo. Mafia fan we invited the buffalo. Bill bans over here over the weekend. You know during the game the game on Sunday. And it was unfortunate. I thought it was very unfortunate to have to sit there and jump through a table. And I wind up injured. I know we took to Rudy who's there with you? I take it Rudy Rudy said that you really were intent on making positive impression with the bills fans because they were all new customers, and so you joined in but what Rudy I use it. I said it was very fair..

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