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Reggie before the walkout. Okay. 'cause we. I'm gonna stick with khloe Kardashian. Jennifer aniston. Yeah. No. I'm going to stick with. I'm still into the action. Right. I'm gonna work this out for you. Right. All right. Oh now, I jumped. No because like khloe it's be too much drama, but it's not controlled drama with Nikki we can wrap together. We can do we can do the whole thing. Okay. Yeah. And if she wants me that means that her bums want some from Anaconda. So we rolling. Yeah. Didn't think we'd be talking about your Anaconda? But. All right. Let's see Nikki and around grun- day. No. Because then it'll be in a song. Not in the bed. We I just I don't want to be in the subway. I don't wanna be like thank you next. And then it's like. All right. Nikki is putting on that outfit and she'll be waiting in your dressing room. Thank you. You're welcome. Thank you. Welcome. If you change your mind about hanging out with the Kardashians. I can hook that up for you know, I think you being serious. I am being serious. Wow. Yeah. Name name which one and what you wanna do. And. So I can call Chris NASCAR. Okay. All right. I'll write out a wish it has to it has to go through Chris. But I think I can handle it. Okay. All right. You being very serious. Yeah. And I don't know what to do with this. I have to say that that Bridget Bridget ni- have to give a shout out to one important person in our lives. Thank you. Thank you. Here. We go. It's not necessary. But. Oh, there's a woman that I worked with for many many years at the Letterman show her name is Barbara Gaines. And she is really the person who encouraged me to apply for a job on the Letterman show years ago. And tell us about your connection to Barbara Gaines. Sure. So my grandma my grandpa bought this house out on Long Island back in the nineteen fifties. So ever since I was a baby I've been going there and Barbara Gaines lives next door. And so I've known Barbara for a while. And I really didn't have an idea of who this. Sag harbor in Sykora. Yeah. I really didn't have an idea of who this woman was and how incredible she is. And then one day, I probably probably fourteen years old, and I was talking about Ellen. And I was crying and proper. Welcome to our house. And she was like, oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. I don't mean. Like my mom's like, it's fine. She's just crying about Allen. It's really not a big deal. I was like, okay generous. And I was like, yeah. We love her. And then about two weeks later. I think I got this blue envelope in the mail, and I opened it up, and it's a signed photo of Alan and says Hello Ellen. Barbara had reached out to marry semi this this my price. And I honestly have wanted to think Mary for years for. And I had no idea that I would have the opportunity to probably it that all out because it's not about me. So if you're listening to the podcast launched you give shout out Barbara Gaines, regains who I have met, and who has lovely. She had a lovely woman. She's the best and I love that. There's a connection to Bridget. Yeah. Yeah. That's fantastic. I I only I know Barbara gains in the way that you know, us I was when I was your age that the Letterman show, I think on on it when it was on NBC it was called late night with David Letterman. And then it became the late show with haven't been when it went to CBS, and I never missed an episode for like fifteen to twenty years never missed an episode. And so I knew barber because he would occasionally call around on the show so gains. We love you. We're talking about you in Los Angeles. Where maybe we'll have one more listener for this episode caller Intel. Tell ask it. Download it traction only surprise came close to the Bridget surprise of my opinion this week. Yes is the KOMO elementary. Oh my gosh. Amazing. The video of them talking to camera..

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