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And what she did with it ripped apart the fantasy of her highly constructed sexual image and people who had bought into that fantasy felt cheated jane knew what she was doing had it made her more popular in hollywood instead of trying to make nice she doubled down on what she believed done in 1971 she moved to detroit to concentrate fulltime on the winter soldier investigation jane's job in addition to raising money to make a documentary about the winter soldier project was to find housing for the soldiers who were travelling to town to tell the investigators their stories stories about the racist agenda of the war the ways in which soldiers were encouraged to torture the vietnamese into raped the women jane wasn't sure she'd ever returned to hollywood she didn't want to inla she could figure out a way to use the power of movies to do something meaningful and there was much speculation that hollywood no longer wanted her but then clue was released and jane's performance in it was something hollywood couldn't ignore as we will see next week thanks for listening to you must remember that today's episode was written narrated and produced by curving along worth that's me our research and production assistant is lindsay de schoenholtz our editor as sam jiangmen and our logo was signed by teddy blanks for more information about this episode and other episodes please go to our website you must remember this podcast.

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