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Goodness it. Game story man. What a story. That's kurt warner is about to join us. We're back here with our radio audience joining us right here. Eight four four two zero four rich being the number to dial. We'll take your phone calls later on this hour. Paul scheer the actor from black monday. He will join us in our number three. Kevin clark of the ringer A couple of things happened last night outside of the basketball world. Kind of left out us including Move over otani you not the only home run hitting pitcher in major league baseball. What a moment last night in san diego. We'll hit on that latest padres grand slam. That really is what baseball's all about. How washington nationals fans might disagree but That's coming up later on this show for the moment. Though is our next guest on. The phone is joining us right now. His phoenix suns his phoenix suns. This is a man who wants came so close to bringing a lombardi trophy to the valley of the sun. As a matter of fact he's closest they ever came was thanks to his right arm and larry fitzgerald hands and legs in the rest of the team. My compadres from nfl game day morning and westwood. One radio kurt warner here on the football Program known as the rich eisen show for the moment. How are you kurt. what's going on brother. I am doing good man. I'm excited to have you as part of a new team of westwood one month rent broad going to be going to be a great year. Can't wait to get things started. It's good times coming up. So let's let's let's hit Right off the bat here. What what would a championship. And the national. Basketball association mean to phoenix arizona. Writ large kurt. What do you have for me on that front. Maybe it's the biggest thing is you realize as you kinda go through this and when i was playing is that anytime you make a run for championship It's about an entire community. It's not just about the team in the organization. It's about that community coming with you and it's been a long time since the sons have been in this position and competing for championship. And you know really just across the valley. It's been a long time You know waiting for their teams to get to this point And so it. It's fun to watch the city. Getting excited You know my son in law was raised here. And he's been you know diehard suns fan for thirty plus years and you're starting to see that excitement from all these people that have been son stands forever And now sitting here at two now and everybody's of feeling a little bit obviously the long way to go the final. You still got a win for. Yes but there is a lot of buzz and excitement instability. And that's what it's all about is bringing that whole entire community. And you know i saw when i was playing unbelievable community the way they support their players and their teams and so it would be awesome for For the sons to bring a championship back here. I was actually texting. Larry fitzgerald last night. Who's you know minority owner with the team. And i told him i said the only problem i have is that i don't want your first ring to be from an nba bath and not an nfl football field so that was my only regret about it but you know a big part of the team and a big part of you know helping turn things around in the excitement around the evening so i'm excited for him in the entire teams. How did larry respond to that texture. Can you give me that. He didn't he didn't really say anything to that. I feel the same way as excited as he would be to to be a part of that championship. There's no doubt that he would. He would rather get the one. That's old enough to lombardi and on a football field. You know sooner. I bet i bet and just you know we because we started the show talking about kurt. You know how this team is just hitting its stride. It gets better. You know like they're getting better that that's and that's why there is a a sense of inevitability even though there are two games to go they're getting better. You know. bridges had a career high. You you see both cameron's performing better you're seeing crowder seeing eight and then. Obviously paul and booker with monty williams. We played a sound bite at the top of the show to of how he was coaching. Eight in the huddle. I love monty williams. I just love. i'll say this kurt i. He reminds me of dungy. The way that he comports himself and it isn't the loudest guy in the room but what he says lands like he's yelling. You know what i'm saying. He's got that audie and you know that he's been through some stuff as well. So i i think everybody has gravitated to his personality. Not just on the team but in the community. And i think really around the league and are pulling for you know this man that's Has been through a bunch in a tremendous leader in the way that he carries himself and the reason that he does what he does. And you could tell that he cares Not just about winning a championship. But he cares about about these young men and helping them be the best and so unbelievable leadership from that standpoint. You know even checks leary again last night. It's just. The team reminds me to some degree of our team back in. Oa you know. Kind of the old leader at the helm You know interest paul. Who's kind of come in and settled down all these these young pieces but then there's so many young superstar surrounding him but he seemed to be glue and the leader that brought everything together and it kind of reminded me of our team and as the old guy came in and kinda leading in settling down the charge when we get to the playoffs young talent. That's really separating them and starting to find out about some of these guys that you know to me were household names..

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