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Was federal agents following hundreds of leads and tips were drawn to a home in suburban Nashville yesterday. It's unknown what led them there, But a picture on Google maps from last year shows a recreational vehicle parked in the backyard. The RV is similar to the one that exploded on Christmas. Federal, state and local authorities are working around the clock to learn the motive behind Friday's bombing, the blast set from an RV, damaging dozens of buildings downtown. Three people were hurt, now recovering this morning. Investigators also discovering human Remains near the crime scene. Fox's Jackie Bond Yes. Ah suspects in custody in Illinois Police in Rockford say a shooting at a bowling alley last night left three people dead. Increased payments to the people that tweet early this morning from President Trump, who refuses to sign a coronavirus relief bill because of what he calls measly stimulus payments since the bill hasn't been signed unemployment programs used by about 14 million Americans expired. Ah government shutdown is also looming since the Kobe bill is tied to an unsigned government spending bill. We were working hard to provide aid to the American people. It should never have been bundled with these other entities. Those are two separate issues and Americans have been held hostage by this house. Republican Brad Winds dropped the president is opposed to the spending bill because of the amount of foreign aid visors. Virus vaccine is rolling out across the European Union, health care workers and the elderly are receiving the first shots. Virus vaccine may have found its way into the wrong arms in New York City. Ah Health care Clinic in Brooklyn is under criminal investigation for allegedly giving unauthorized coping 19 inoculations. It's unclear how the clinic obtained the vaccine. America's listening to Fox News It would be hard for somebody to get away with this by themselves. Somebody out there was interesting assistant. They got caught up in it next on the house of Broken Dreams Way here from a former Orlando homicide detective who is not giving up hope of solving Jennifer skis. It just takes the right person at the right time, and one day may say something to the police and the police will help the family..

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