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Was like like. I'm just like i'm trying to put me to work out with him. You know what. I mean is booming. Just need one again with as showed him on one on one skills. He was more of a gamer. He was more five on five. You know he can take advantage. You can use that liberalism. So that was the first time where i had. I had to process. Is not about specialties. So i have to be able to do everything. So that's why. I said it was like one of those things where i had to craff game. Like even even if you look at the drab. I was the best one on one player in but they didn't let me go one on one against most people most gars dodging me. So i'm i'm sitting there working with richard jefferson. Sean lampley joe johnson. No point bars. I didn't i. I never seen tony parker and a workout jamaal tinsley into workout kidding. While lopate i never seen any of those guys and work. They just dodge and shit outta me. Well talking about chasing workouts. I've been doing that. Is that your mindset right. Now you want to smoke by gimme. Anybody rheinland got to his best win. Like i'm not as no san pablo or on the jabil. So i got but you know that you're cool with that put on the floor and going back to what you say like pushing each other every day. John wayne for the opportunity. Because you know you've been we're gonna awesome. We've been pushing each other for the past month. Just kind of waiting to people say you bet. Even i got will with him again. Then see were to foil and we're you said q. More in that space of gil. I think there's a lot of similarities in that sense of the combo guard. Definition to where you can score you. Can you know you can run. Offense make decisions not combo or so early two thousand. I'm bringing it back a bit now. Just guard you want. you want to be a guard. I can do everything like you. Don't wanna be limited to. I run the team. Well or not i do. I can do everything i can do. You can throw.

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