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Young people to whom i am actually related to i had this conversation with they said no if if you go out and make a complete clown of yourself now some someone we'll take a recurrent at forever indifferent of agim yellowish unpleasant top chattha a well i was forewarned ball you that you were going to pick something excruciatingly modish so this this is my preemptive hold might be a moment okay back to my drop something on the table with a satisfying one yes we'll see if we can capture the sound of it okay the sophie deputies as satisfying slumped coming up that's a pretty well i know this this is excruciatingly noticed these generals football season stops the end of march we give him which is proper football the reagan football league record the match they publication produces this magnificent volume every year at the start of the same he described the cop that half a season recco uh the cover features dustin martin of richmond that's not a tool heimo arctic as it in these muscles chief jones i mean adan none that is thusly martin who lost season had arguably the best season a footballer has nasal now together yes has now on the from you should amabullah metal on the norm smith medal and various other things as well but no it he's 1200 and fifty very thin pages of statistical and historical minutiae looking to start myself i am with all point to tighten to the australian football league it's marvellous i feel like i have been suckered he because i was going this was to be my moment where i trump the excruciating me noticing was going to talk about whereas now where he he he'll just name something really cool and all just looked like a mess libido will say about that shaw mafia pleasant on jaffa what i've been guessing into is the headlines surrounding surrounding mountains screw rallies wutang can album which seem c he bought this bhutan kong he's laurel fava browse yet i put up his prices five thousand percent and he's being done by the feds and all this thing but he bought the irony copy of the luton kind of album fatigue.

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