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At target our t. shirts or whatever so i love that to buy things from my childhood things that were actually produce produce during my childhood now things that are like you know like reimagining thanks so much out there like the cooler versions of nineteen ninety movie turtle figures they take technology. They have now and just remake the old figures. But when did you decide like okay. I have my stuff. This is where i'm going. I don't think i necessarily decided i just there's nothing really that's come out recently. You're not like power rangers guy to overpower rangers. Nothing against it right like my little brother likes his. I wash it but it wasn't really one of those things right strange things. I'm into that right but i see what you're saying so there's like ghostbusters turtles star wars but not another new star wars right so like it is new stuff. It's just yeah i get it. I get it <hes>. Do you like the new star wars movies i do. I'm just listen people saying like like it should be removed from canada like last jeopardize with that means removed from canon removed from canon no. I don't know what that means. The cannon means like like. I don't even know how to describe it. I can't even explain it so people want that movie. Last year they removed from the star wars universe. They wanted to not exist. That doesn't count which was the last jedi. Was that the you're not. The j.j abrams one after the j._j. Remove oh that's the that's the one that everybody hated because they said the first one was just like new hope but people liked it and then the set but it was just like new hope and the second one through two different yeah big beer minds right. I was similar cigarettes through different. Come on is i like the fact that we had the star. Wars movies in two thousand eighteen is incredible but there's no way i didn't even see the last jedi nazi watcher but there's no way that the last jedi is worse than the three prequels back prequels. Listen the prequel suck right but i still love him because their star wars right. You know what i'm saying. Yes absolutely appreciate it right right. You gotta be loyal to the brand of course and there's always something in the essence of star wars the socks but at least in the last like they have yoda but he's an old school puppet not c._g._i. Like i love that i appreciate it. Yeah you forget about that stuff. I went to see ghostbusters. Here's the first ghostbusters at a movie theater like a year or two ago. They had it on like thirty five millimeter or whatever and just watching it in that environment and seeing all the puppets and the real sets in the know c._g._i. And i'm like this is like it's tangible like it just feels. I like it so much better too. I hate the c._g._i. Stuff because if you watch like five five years later it's already dated. It looks like you know what i'm saying as opposed to like a lot like versus ghostbusters proton stream still look good. You know it's i guess that is whatever technology acknowledge that was but even like the terror dogs in the marshmallow man like a real marshmallow man you know and it's it's not c._g._i. But how do the practical effects and everything like that and the the giant <hes> giant a man and like set and is a miniature cars but they made it look real like you know i'm trying to say absolutely looks great. Absolutely i think it does stew and you know. It's not like real but you also don't you don't it. Doesn't you still get lost in it. You know what i mean 'cause. It feels like there's something going on ghostbuster. <hes> you're going to ask you about you got to think about it is undertaker shawn michaels john seen rock stone cold occur hawkins and ryder i do we should have been in the line at least me screw all kids but the factory at these one of ones. It's really cool to have it in my top ziegler's giving detailed..

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