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Reveal yourself don't pretend you're news operation jake tapper you're not a reporter you can slap yourself on the back and pretend to be a reporter you're not a reporter jim acosta is a court jester he's not a reporter the democrats love jim acosta why the democrats love jake tapper even though now and then he pretends to be tim russia he's tim russert tim russia was a reporter one of a handful still in this country while he was alive tappers not tappers pedigree indicates that he's not but he's not the only one andrea mitchell andrea mitchell has spent decades trashing republicans decades now we all know this we're not stupid we are at least theoretically consumers of the news ms lsd aka msnbc aka chops they pretty much reveal who they are they don't say they're for the democrat party but everybody knows you wanna listen to the hard left kook she go to msnbc now cnn has surrendered its news operation it's still pretends to be a news operation it can't go through a damn airport without cnn being on tv because they they monopolize this as i've talked about over the years they monopolize it somehow some way so the president of the united states this is one of the reasons i couldn't be happier with this president he's exposed it he's exposed them all those decades were these pseudo media outlets when after george w bush george h w bush ronald reagan and you can go back all those decades walter cronkite who else dan rather tom bro hall they were all of the same ilk now they behave themselves a little better but not much they were very pretentious about who they were let's still they are and were who they are and are so here's the point to you who is damaging freedom of the press in this country news outlets like cnn that won't reveal what they really are who they really are while pretending to give you news the new york times which has i don't believe any time in modern history dorsey a republican president united states and same of the washington post these are all time newspapers some of them yellow journalists yellow sheets for the democrat party or for the ideological progressive left now when you point out there aditorial slow tell you their editors are different than their news pages how so how so because the editorial pages truthfully or more honest than the news pages at least they call themselves editorial opinion pages op eds and so forth the news operations don't do any of that they don't do any of that they determine what to cover how to cover it and what to omit and what not to cover they're making decisions you're making decisions when the new york times throughout world war two throughout the third reich throughout the holocaust it everything it could to push that news to the back pages and they have slapped themselves about it in the past few decades little late i'd say was that an editorial decision of course it wasn't aditorial decision news decision they would have reported about it but they didn't let's talk more modern times how long did it take to even know the barack obama's minister jeremiah wright and barack obama worst tight as they were other than conservatives how often would we told it's a nonissue how often will we told that his association with bill ayers domestic terrorist a domestic terrorist eight domestic terrorist involved in violence how long were we told that well you know it's not a big deal that's racist you can't bring how many times where we told that think about it and so what i'm calling for here is that these media outlets that are aligned with the democrat party or aligned with an ideological force admitted that's all and then we can trust them to be what they truly are but as it turns out now you hear this guy kosta or you hear these other reporters and they have to defend themselves against you know trump and so forth and so all trump is doing is calling out the obvious what about fox you say well fox's more conservative than the others why should they reveal themselves if fox gets rid of all those obama people that they put on those panels and shop and some of the others chris wallace who really is a professional my view gets rid of those people then they can call themselves they republican party cable network but they try more than the others they try more than the others to.

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