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Seven kennedy be i can make up at this point you i don't think you can just put that i shall lacking behind you from nhl stanley cup final to the nfl an oath del beckham junior always in the news during the season during the offseason giants coach men makwetu said friday that he believes wide receiver odell beckham junior we'll be at minicamp next week beckham did miss voluntary otas the past three weeks espn nfl insider dan glaviano i know del taken a stance for low they'll back standpoint his contract if this is the issue his god rex paying a little over one point eight million this year makes him this sixty third highest paid wide receiver the nfl clearly he's better than that he is at least a sixty two wide receiver i think we all agree on that his fifth year option for 28 team pays of about a half million so they'll beckoned sees these underpaid and then he's a long way away from getting a long term contract the likes of which the top receivers get so that's an issue and maybe he decides to stay away from the minicamp day retraining can't they make a statement about that that's a maybe we don't know may not happen lightly much ado about nothing so we'll see if this country israeli really an issue in odell beckham slight that leads to stay away from required events in the aussies so should the giants negotiate a longterm deal right now with beckham so on performance there's no doubt as one of the top receivers in the leg and should be paid as such but if you're the giants there's no reason to move now because you have three years worth of control both him and if you commit to a now gets hurt or if the offfield stuff that you know punching walls and and getting into it with kicking and hollerin' officials and other players if that starts desk lake become a problem form which so far it hasn't been but if it does i think if you're the giants you're holding off to see how the next year or so goes with odell beckham you're hoping the production stays the way it has been and that the emotional stuff mellos out a little bit and then he had no problem whatsoever committing to a water but there's no reason for the giants the move right now the s p n n f l insider dan.

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