Donald Trump, North Korea, Daniel Mcadams discussed on Part of the Problem


The there was a segment on cup show where we were discussing they they were talking about the idea of donald trump winning nobel peace prize if you know he this were to really work out like if we were to really get something out of these talks with with north korea and and i got a little bit of pushback from some people who are are like libertarians who listen to part of the problem there are a few different people who who posted that they were disappointed in what i had to say and i thought i would respond to that a little bit because there's been a little bit of a controversy within libertarians like i know daniel mcadams from the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity went back and forth with steph on mon you on twitter about this a couple months ago and a few people had were were like upset that i was i was i was more or less saying that i think this is a very good thing and i didn't say that i think donald trump should win a nobel peace prize but i was like if this goes incredibly well it which i i said i'm very skeptical that it will but if we were to get some great results out of these talks then donald trump deserve a nobel peace prize a lot more than obama ever did who didn't actually do anything for his nobel peace prize besides gives them nice speeches which by the way he did give some nice speeches but i just don't think that should earn you the prize but anyway.

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