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Well, we do have quite the list for today. Here we go. Next. Ternate Steve Thirty six as happy birthday were smoking hot husband Madden turns thirty anonymous girlfriend. Happy Birthday to mazing douchebag boyfriend Nathan Concerns Thirty on the Twenty Ninth Lisa our knees my sister-in-law celebrate her birthday yesterday. Dave buzzer happy birthday to was wonderful daughter Kim Kimera who celebrated. Remember. I today thirty three today no agenda meet ups dude named Daniel He is calling out his smoking hot wife Amanda was also listener. Or. Magic. Birthday today thirty three congratulations concern mark. Hall celebrating we did it within the other day. Congratulations marks are daddy o says happy birthday to brother Jimmy Sir John Fletcher from Hans Story No agenda Stream Dot. COM thirty seven today Christina Thomas Celebrates, tomorrow's Code Monkey Happy Birthday to his brother job will be forty tomorrow Robert quarterback. Happy Birthday to his daughter. Brielle. Who turns eleven on the Third Riley? Fedex. Twenty six on November Third Cheryl Cox. Happy Birthday her son Josh also on the Third Kevin Fits factory forty five he will turn on the third Lindsey Heitmann says Happy Birthday to rob case we'll be celebrating the fourth and Mimi we'll be celebrating her birthday fourth me send love and happy birthday to her and happy birthday to. Knock Motos Bitcoin White Paper twelve years ago was published. Than, they never had a fight happy birthday everybody here at the best time cast the universe. Coli Crop. Moley, we've got a long list of stuff to do here. We haven't healed just is we need a big blade for our. Big Boy here. Big. Right on the stage I might as well just say now we need to. Christina Thomas. James Fukumoto Michael Goodell Robert Quebec Andrew Oxen Ham Victorious Sasa Medial and Robert Kerr back. Do we already have Robert No? We already have Robert I got that. So we're not GonNa let Robert do it twice not today. All right days. All of your receipt. Mike Fourteen titled Thank you very much for the no agenda Tony might have one thousand dollars or more and I am very proud to pronounce Kate Christina. Of Penn's woods Sir James Fukumoto is indeed a black knights or crush a lot. Of. Lean, Leila now, great fields and he has a Black Knight Sir Robert Becomes night of the naughty BITs, Sir Hawks Fluffy night of the scruffy. City Dame. and Capi Stan and Amelia will become molten cheese for you and quite list. Quite a list of stuff. which you now we have hookers and blow rent boys and Chardonnay teammates in inver north. For nores would grilled rebuy negatives, rights coffee, and a one year old panettone. Coffee and Rahman Pasta. Chef boy AR. Dee. America's Vineyard Twenty, eighteen Pino, blunk Negroni, and garlic bread, and then we'll continue with some beer and blunts Brazilian hotties and. cowgirls coffee rubenesque women rose eight cases and back in Manila hits in Bourbon sparkling on escorts, Ginger Ale Gerbils, breast milk, and Diet Soda in Video Games, of course. You can head over to know agenda nation dot com slash rings a hand off all your info to Eric. And you too will get that beautiful signet ring. which is your your your method to hitting people in the mouth at leaves a nice little mark an it 'em. Latin. Stuff on. You got your sealing wax and your official certificate and thank you again for supporting. No agenda it is the best podcast in universe and clearly also your best podcast in universe. Is taking place everywhere no agenda meet UPS. This is This is how you can get together. It's a great way to get together actually especially since we've had all of this lockdown months of panic if you just want to hang out with people who get it who won't be triggered by anything that you say even if they don't agree with you, it's a great time to hang out with people the meet UPS, no agenda meet ups dot com is where you can find out where someone where one is taking place near you. You can schedule one and we love getting reports Bellingham come on in in the morning. This is Thomas. Na. meet up in. Bellingham. Washington city of subdued excitement please don't enslaved me Kamala. This is Taylor Bellingham Washington I would like some Askar bear feelings please. This is Jake Bellingham about to go home and take a nap for humanity. Danny Ephron Bellingham Harry legs in the morning and the. Go Bellingham doing their business. We have a report from Kansas City. Hey. Sarah Spencer. For Kansas City coming at, you live from knuckleheads. Moon. We're having a great time. It's like a part. TAME dumb here knucklehead Halloween my nose is stuffed but my Magdala in small. Thank you for your courage always a party in Kansas. City. This is one of the mats in the morning everybody. This is Land Day face. This is Matt Roy from Wichita Kansas currently do not for too much longer time out here during the work, we drove of three hours trial backyards tonight another on. Special thanks to see Mike for Lending US his professional grade recording equipment and as always keep an eye on. No Jim meet UPS. Dot, com for Feature Casey meet. UPS. Always keeping. Yes, indeed and would the Producer who posted the Albuquerque election night meet up please contact me. So she confirmed the time with you. She has some other questions that is the backoffice happening today. The tiny goes of Anchorage, which probably is already underway one o'clock Alaska Time Philadelphia local seventy six they meet up at six o'clock at the good dog bar get out the hoax is the title of that one slavery for President Twenty, twenty on Tuesday election. Watch party Bunker Hill seven o'clock at sage house and that's in Connecticut also on Election Day live no agenda meet ups election night this the virtual one this is Paul the book I organizing that on Wednesday the hurricane no agenda rooftop meeting at Saint Pete Beach in Florida. Wow. That's going to be great. They also have a Web. RTC MEET UPS either website for for details at of course no agenda meet UPS DOT com. Next, Thursday guy, fawkes coffee stroll, and troll and Quebec at Saint. Roche Rush Coffee Shop Pablo be organizing for you and on the horizon for November seventh. We've Got Dallas Texas Midland. Texas Burlington Ontario, in Boston Massachusetts on the Tenth Inland Empire California on the Thirteenth Tucson Charlotte North Carolina low country South Carolina in the fourteenth friends giving Nashville from the. Fourteenth catskill mountains on the Fourteenth Michigan Mobile on the fourteenth and many many more all you need to do is go to no agenda, meet UPS, dot com find out where this one taking place near you. If.

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