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She's like damn I look good well let me see if we want to see it looks like when girls do that or what trying to wink at me right now in a non sexual way don't make it in the section that make but make a casual the like don't like this is how it would be if you saw me in and gave me a glance and you wanted to wink at me I want to see what it would look like I'm trying really hard here okay I was lifted eyebrow K. so here I am you know here I am a prospective suitor and you you come rolling up and I'm just I'm here I am I'm just Chillin you know at my place of business yeah it's not working the you actually try twitchy you're really trying to inflict come okay come on come heather heather is it it is it botox issue or what you're not pretending that still cannot do it because like somebody pointed out once they're like you really can't win because I can't do a couple things awaiting is one of them and I was like what are the basic task or where the basics mannerism can you not complete what other mannerisms but I you know people can like make their tongue look like cool like a like a like a you yeah I can't do that no that's genetic thing no that can't do that I can't flip mine over but my daughter can I can't do that I can't my no I can do that I can't snap with both I guess again once one thing I can say that better with than the other I can't like move my fingers you know how people I can connect there too live long and prosper do that and do that and do a west side nope can't website I know what it's like what else can I do I I'm not bendy I'm not a flexible about I know everybody is an add this like the live long and prosper you train your fingers to DO the Benny thing you train you can train your body to deal well I got training winking thing you get you get to practice and a little stupid but I can do it looks good I like it I like she you are it's going in the like it's going up I can't do I can't do it and manning or what basic thing can you not do everybody else seems to build it as a maybe not everybody but the basic thing eight five five five nine one one of three five what is it for.

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