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Corona virus in Arizona America, the county's medical director, says she's seeing a flattening of the curve and hopes that continues. We have team coverage. Beginning live with Katya is Jim Cross in Phoenix. Yeah. Jamie Doctor, Rebecca Sonnenschein says the county is still having about 2500 new covert cases a day. That's a slight decrease from around the third week of June when the county man Ask mandates started and the governor closed bars, gyms and other businesses. You know that it takes 14 days for those measures to take place. So at that 14 day period, that is exactly when we started to see a decline in our case number on another positive. The are not metric, which measures how many people are infected person will pass the virus, too. Which you want to see. Below. One is now just that 0.97 in America of a county live in Phoenix Germ crossed 600 nurses from out of state are heading to the front lines of Arizona's battle against the virus. The Arizona Hospital and Health Care Association calls them much needed relief. We do here that are clinicians are nurses and doctors on that front line are tired and we needed reinforcements. CEO and Marie Alameddine says. These nurses will likely go To all parts of the state for all types of care. All the hospitals will sort of have their coordination centers to make sure all the accommodations are met for the incoming nurses like.

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