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Lord all right. I think we've hit it all at least the major. Mlb news which is Sort of our mandate here so there will probably be more later in the week and there will always be more from us so we will talk to you again soon. Well you just heard me say that. We had hit all the major news and at the time we had but tuesday was one of those days when no matter when we recorded. We would've missed something and indeed. after we spoke. Some exciting news broke. Some sad news broke late on tuesday. Night the george springer deal did get done pending a physical bluejays and springer are reportedly in agreement on a six year. One hundred fifty million dollar deal so the blue jays got their guy. They may not be done yet but they did finally land one of the best players available to a franchise record contract and another contract that exceeds the consensus expectations at the start of the offseason. So meghan i will be recording again soon. And we will discuss that deal and springer and the implications for the bluejays. The angels also signed jose catanha to a one year eight million dollar deal another departure from the cubs going to a team. That's been hard up for pitching in recent years in. The sad news was about a pitcher last week. We talked a little bit. About the death of tommy. Lasorda and how. We hoped that there would not be another string of hall of famer deaths as there was in twenty twenty. Well unfortunately there's been another one already. And it's a pitcher who played for lasorda don sutton. The dodgers great. Who was seventy-five and sutton wasn't quite the pitcher. That phil niekro was. We talked about negro win. He died last month but there were some similarities. They were roughly contemporaries. Negroes crear ran from sixty four to eighty seven. Sutton's ran from sixty six to eighty eight so started in that colfax drysdale rotation and was with the dodgers through nineteen eighty then went to a few other teams before he wound up his career in one thousand nine hundred with the dodgers again and like nico. He was incredibly prolific. Just a total workforce in fact. I mentioned that negro was the most prolific pitcher in terms of innings pitched in the live ball era while sutton was fourth on that list after nolan ryan and gaylord perry lake negro. He pitched well into his forties remained productive in his forty s and was just incredibly consistent. Always took the ball literally. Did not miss a start until his final season when he had his first stint on the i l. hora the l. has it was called and he was forty three at that point up until ten just no injuries you could always count on him to take the ball give you innings and there was some question during his career and even after his career about whether he was a hall of famer because he didn't really have a hall of fame us string of five seasons from seventy two through seventy six when he finished in the five in l. Cy young voting each season but he never finished in the top two outside of a six season span. He didn't make an all star team or end up at the top award voting and he retired with a one zero eight era plus which is not much better than average. Of course that was with many seasons later in his career that brought down the average a bit but he pitched for so long was great at his best and really not bad at his worst up until the very end and he ended up close to the top of a lot of career leaderboards so it took him five times on the ballot to get into the hall of fame but he was in his deserving of a spot. He was not a flame thrower. He was known for his curveball. He was also known for the ball and he is one of the players with a fairly large gap between his fan graphs. Were in his baseball reference. Were we have a listener. Daniel bannon who e mailed us last year a spreadsheet of the players with the biggest differentials between their to war totals all linked to it on the show page and sutton ranks twenty first on that list with a gap of about nineteen wins between the two. And that's largely defensive adjustments ballpark adjustments. He pitched for so long that you know it's nineteen wins but that's over twenty three seasons with almost fifty three hundred innings. So it's maybe not quite as huge as it sounds the biggest war differences. Come from really long. Tenured pitchers like young. Is number. One nolan ryan warren spahn. Pete alexander others like that jim kaat ryan mccain because he has framing in one model and not in the other. But whichever use sutton was great and just a constant so many of these hall of famers who've been lost over the last year were just such a big part of baseball history because they played for so long and so two loss felt by a lot of fans who watched those players for decades and of course in sutton case listened to him on broadcast for years he's in the raves hall of fame. As broadcaster in sutton lasorda didn't always get along great. But i was enjoyed the anecdote from nineteen seventy eight when sutton got in a fight with his then. Teammate steve. Garvey said something about how garvey was regarded as the all american boy. The best player on the dodgers for the past couple of years was reggie smith but that reggie didn't publicize himself so much so he didn't get as much attention and boy that was true. Smith underrated player almost twice the players. That garvey was wise and he had been the best player on the dodgers in those seasons and sutton regretted saying what he said and he regretted provoking the fight and dodgers fans booed him because garvey was so popular but had his facts straight and garvey was not nearly as squeaky clean as his image at the time sutton of course also famous for his firm he got it in nineteen seventy five and he was the only dodger to have a perm that season at least as of august. I just read an article by the ap from that month. That says that baseball had one hundred or so permed players at that point. They're only twenty four teams that six hundred players so that a sizable percentage of the league. Who has permed players but sutton was the lone dodger he says in this article is only regret was that he got the permanent of friday afternoon. He said every woman in glendale between thirty eight and seventy two was there dodgers manager. Walter alston said as long as he gets guys out. I don't care if he puts big pink curlers in it or shaves it all off. This article says the firm doesn't seem to be a fad. Most baseball players say they liked the look so much they intend to keep it. Well not all of them did but sutton with it anyway sometime this week. Jay jaffe will spring into action again and write an obituary for fan graphs but just wanted to note the passing of another great and really it feels like baseball has been hard hit when it comes to losing legends over the past year and it has but that's something the entire country has gone through right. The excess mortality over the past year particularly in the age group of these hall of famers has led to a lot of people losing lives. And i know that most of these hall of famers deaths were not connected to covert as far as we know but these lives lost have still coincided with a greater loss of life and that's led to a lot of morning even when the deceased is not a baseball great. That.

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