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Cumulus station. News. Male news it three. I'm Marie leaf a new this hour, some good and bad news about VW Parkway. The good news is that much needed. Pothole repairs are coming sooner than originally planned what we're going to be doing is putting down new kind of patching material that we're hoping is going to improve driving conditions until we're able to start a long term project completely repaved the Parkway sometime in mid April. National Park Service is Jonathan Schaeffer says work will begin on Friday in parts of the BMW Parkway will be closed this weekend because of it. The southbound lanes between Maryland route one ninety eight and one ninety seven will close Friday night through five AM Saturday. Not affecting rush hour, though. The northbound lanes in the same area will be closed from seven thirty Saturday night until five AM Sunday. US attorney general William bar plans to issue in a matter of weeks of public version of the special counsel report that found that President Trump's two thousand sixteen campaign did not conspire with Russia today. Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell rejecting a proposal from Democrats that have resolution be introduced allowing Robert Muller's report be made available to congress and the public. I think we should be consistent and letting the special counsel actually, finishes were not just when we think it may be politically advantageous to one side or the other for him to do. So therefore,.

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