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Two cents man his name is William million phone number rose and then the kids his name is Charles Charles Manson isn't she pretty well the Pentagon has officially released three short videos captured by the navy of what they're calling unexplained aerial phenomena well they recently declassified video that had previously been published by private companies circulated online the footage shows what appears to be unidentified flying objects UFOs traveling at rapid speeds according to the Pentagon the decision to release the video was made to quote clear up any misconceptions by the public whether the videos were real the navy's blue angels and air forces Thunderbirds came together to honor workers on the front lines today the planes actually flew over New York City parts of New Jersey and Philadelphia the military's calling the Saluda mereka strong the mission is after the first of many multi city flyovers which will focus on the areas hit the hardest by the corona virus well despite the pandemic one family was able to throw a very special ninetieth birthday bash do you would force daughter said that her mother is the backbone of their family and the party was a dream come true she even got a surprise serenade or Sacramento whole we love you we love you facemask.

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