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Hey it's jj redick and this week's guest a my podcast is retired soccer superstar terry anri i had the chance to catch up with him while in london recently to talk about his love of the nba why soccer players are more athletic an nba players and what we're doing wrong in youth development in basketball in america listen to this show and more by subscribing to the jj redick podcast on apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts david it's been twenty years since matt drudge told us that something was going on in the white house between monica lewinsky and bill clinton what do you remember about that very old media scandal i remember going to the drudge report dot com for the first time in thinking man this website looks old legislating but i very specifically remember hearing about it and not quite knowing had a rabbi had around it and they know i went to try to find a computer i think i found a computer that didn't have internet access than found one was internet access than tried to type in drudge report having never seen the words before and failed eventually i got there but i think by that point you know i i i had heard most of the story it was more of a adventure in like discovering a website than it that it was really a the where than adventure in like learning news it was amazing rate and when you first saw drudge or like oh my god this looks like newspapers that were printed thirty years before i was born at this this this kind of design sabella i love to would bad drudge and hurried olds were the leaders of the internet that was it obeys the age ethic by favorite babari as the bound addition of the star report that.

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