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And and and and an ontario man can thank his lucky stars tonight any may want to save some of those thanks for andrew lentini as well mr len teeny is the curator of amphibians and reptiles at the toronto zoo yesterday he was headed home from a soccer match when he got a call a man had been bitten by a little something called a monocled cobra as doctors did not have the antivenom for the rare snake but they thought maybe this you could help we reach andrew lentini in scarborough ontario this is entity could he just walk us through what happens to sandline who has been bitten by a monocled cobra yeah well di venom from these animals is primarily in europe toxic venom which means it works on the nervous system so a bite from one of these animals would followed by likely come intense pain at the fate of the bite uh you would over the next few minutes our our start to see him discoloration some local tissue damage and some swelling but at the really severe effects of it are on the nervous system and those can appear in a severe bite um after just a few minutes and those facts are uh basically a paralysis so uh the first signs that we look for in a patient would be facial paralysis so we'll see droopy eyelid uh irregular i've movements because they're losing control of the muscles uh difficulty speaking or slurred speech and as you going to see these consequences eating bitten any disease ultimately leads to the day glad like desks right yes it does uh so the nervous system affects do lead to this paralysis in it will become widespread and it will affect all of the muscles including those that help you breathe in which case you would experience respiratory failure and that would lead to deaths says very timesensitive when you got the call and that this man than that and what kind of shape lizzy in i got the call or just after ten and i got to the hospital within about an hour of that and.

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