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He got a quick win over rodney mack on june twenty third so it's pills like you guys are sort of going back to the formula that you knew wcw had that worked on june thirtieth he's supposed to face land storm but rodney back jumps in from behind and causes the match to not happen and he misses ron both july seventh and fourteenth but on the twenty first evolutions in the ring after randy orton beat valvano and goldberg comes out and talks about triple h not looking invincible and tells them he's next was keeping him off those couple of weeks by design just to sort of give the fans of break did you have anything for him creatively was he injured that hey personal thing do you recall i think that he was injured i think he just needed some time off to kind of nurses the lagging injury and get something done so it was like well let's say a couple of weeks and not really mentioned it not make a big story out of it allegedly they have their first match in san jose california killer would report that triple h one and goldberg didn't put in a very promising performance either quote nor did he conduct himself in a manner that endeared himself to management or refuting claims he lacks the maturity necessary to be a reliable top player he did the job as ordered by management although only a quick schoolboy after a distraction by randy orton afterwards he didn't seem pleased shrugging off the loss and returning to the back without playing to the crowd which was lukewarm at best towards him quote goldberg didn't react at all to the fans during the match or after and left us soon as he kill it a rabid gobert clad lady looked heartbroken when goldberg walked right pastor and didn't even acknowledge your presence there were intense goldberg chance at the start of the match triple h.

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