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Terry morrow and i'm here with catherine calico. Hello usually on this podcast. We talk about parenting issues. But once a week catherine i like to get together to discuss tedi movies books and other entertainment topics. Because it's nice to talk about something other than parenting for a change last week. We started two new series. And this week we are watching these second episode of both ted lasso and only murders in the building so since we talked about it last ted lasso itself somany's for its first season are episode right after the emmys and so you might all have wondered. Why aren't they mentioning it. That's because we recorded before. And really honestly i didn't realize the emmys were still a thing until the night they were actually on so anyway. Won for best comedy and best actor in a comedy for jason davis here here and best supporting actress in a comedy for the actress who plays the owner handled damn hannah wanting ham which also here here. She is terrific. An part could so easily be cartoon mean person and yet somewhere buried deep into below. You know a nuclear protection devices layers of of Defensiveness there's a heart and.

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