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Think just this always a better way and we're always learning new techniques to get better. I think the only way you can do that. Joe is what you described checking my ego at the door and people that are great are always looking for nuances and new strategies. Do better and people that have high ego is like no no. I know how to do that. The the talking to vp of sales. And it was like no no. I've been doing this for a while. Like how many of your sales people are hitting quota. I don't wanna talk about that because that would bring the reality of unique to learn their ego won't let them so. How important is mindset to a salesperson journey. Okay without it again. 'cause that that's what separates the the big boys from the little boy's right the mindset of i'm forever learning and i need to take from you something right if i walk into every scenario and say i'm going to learn something from this individual. I don't know what it is yet. But i'm going to learn something from this individual that's a different one. A different mindset than the person who says i'm closed off to whatever you're going to try and teach me okay. So i'm i'm one of those individuals that when you say you know what you need to do. My brain just froze up as big block. That says don't tell me what to do. And so it's really bad. Like every time i run a company run all these different things i go in and somebody go good night. Good night boss. And i go. Don't tell me what to do right at to that level of somebody wishing now and i'm like no no no. Don't don't tell me what to do. And they go well. They don't have a good night. Still you telling me what to do. So you gotta work on that that herod in the voice that comes up with. What's going on but again are you open to it. Do you see there something right so again when you go into train somebody when you're going in to say hey mr. vp of sales right. I will always sit down and talk with them and ask them the questions and said you know what let's just say and again you gotta make it silly for him. You go wave a magic wand. What's the biggest problem. We want to go away.

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