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On First Lady Melania speech. The president will be there as well in the Rose Garden on DH. I agree with you on Secretary Pompeo is definitely a bit controversial that he's speaking in this capacity, giving Hes a Senate confirmed official, But I think looking ahead tomorrow. We'll see some work tonight. I'm speaking to the president's character and trying, Tio painted what he condo's for America, particularly the second term. I think that's going to be a much more prominent scene tomorrow night, gazing out what of second term under President Trump will look like on DH for secretary. Pompeii, of course, will be seeking Tio formulations issues. He's giving the address. Take the dress from Jerusalem, where he is currently Israel right now, and so a big focus on that. And I saying Senator Rand, Paul, you know that he's on trade and America first, so you can expect some of those themes from him as well. We will follow your work axes dot com and check in with you again tomorrow. Elena Train Who's following all of this covering the White House and politics? Thank you for being with us tonight and reminder. Our live coverage tomorrow gets underway. 8 30 Eastern time. 5 30 For those of you on the West Coast Live gavel to gavel coverage. A two of this RNC convention. But first, let's talk about Day one and begin with former congressman Tom Davis, Republican from Northern Virginia. What was your role tone that you took away from tonight's proceedings? I think we've seen these two conventions a tale of two countries for a Democrat. It's all gloom and doom for the Republicans. It's all rosy opportunity. Great years ahead, probably not uncommon people. We all tend to look at life through different lenses. When Obama was White House Democrats had more rosy picture of things and Republicans more sour picture, but I thought they accomplish what they wanted to accomplish that they humanize the president a bit. That's very inspiring speakers the speaker from Cuba, I've talked about America and the promise that it may have some the African Americans talking about. This is a great land of opportunity. Instead of coming up his victims. They had the guy from Parkland I thought was very effective. So you know, the real question is who's watching? Yes, and you can to get the partisans watching their own conventions. Democrats, I think solidified their base at their convention. They didn't get much of a bounce. It will be interesting to see what the viewership here Wass, but I thought it was very effective. I thought they did a very good job in terms of hitting the major points, humanizing the president, a little bit and touching on what was going right with America and the promise of what lies ahead. Former Congressman Jim Moran, You were watching the proceedings tonight. What about the overall tone? Was it a tale of two parties? Tom Davis was referring to no question. It's a tale of two tribes and I don't know, never inclined. The thing never the Twain shall meet astronomer knows better than I do. The most conservative Democrat is more liberal than the most liberal Republican these days, and the chasm just keeps getting wider. And I think these two conventions reflect that fact that we Kind of have to partisan tribes. If you will, and one tribe is optimistic, feels that their candidate should reflect decency, compassion, competence, thie other tribe feels that we're under assault that our cultural values are under assault. If we don't elect their leader, then you know a suburban backyards are going to the big seized by loaders and rioters and socialists on job on the squad. Uh, I saw a lot of fear tonight that was being generated. I think somewhat superficially, but nevertheless, people obviously believe they have something a state that they need. That they need to fear. I didn't see much fear the Democratic during the Democratic convention. I thought the emphasis was upon, you know, getting along, trying to file trying to bridge divides, and and it underscored the decency of the candidates so of different approaches. Two very different people. And unfortunately two very different political parties don't come back to the politics that both of you mentioned in just a moment. But for some of the moments from tonight, including this for the chair of the Democratic the Republican Party, Rana McDaniel, who was from Michigan, here's what she told RNC delegates and those watching at home. If you watch the DNC last week, you probably noticed that Democrats spent a lot of time talking about how much they despise our president. But we heard very little about their actual policies, policies that would have been unthinkable a decade ago policies like banning fossil fuels, eliminating private health insurance. Taxpayer funded health care for people who come here illegally and de funding the police Congressman Jim Moran, your response to the current chair of the Republican National Committee. Well, I'm I'm glad that the chair brought up the issue of policy because there was none of it tonight. I don't expect there's going to be a lot of it over the ensuing three days to come. In fact, the Republican Party announced that there will be no platform for the first time ever. I think I can't imagine a time when a political party has imprisoned had a flat for cost. On the other hand, the Democrats do have Dozens of dozens of pages of policy that probably very few people are going to read, Uh, but the idea that there is no platform just underscores the fact that this is almost cultish. It's not the Republican Party that I'm used to that I depended upon what I was in the Congress to mediate. The sum of the extremism of the Democratic Party. This is, uh, this is built party built around one person, and they don't know what his policy is going to be from one day to the next. So all they do is to say we're going to support President Trump on and by implication, whatever he wants to do is what we want to do. And so it's quite a departure from tradition and personally, I don't find it very comforting..

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