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President he says he expects students will be back on campus and typical numbers no other school has gone anywhere close to that far now your exclusive W. C. B. M. weather channel forecast make the most out of the sun shine in the warmer weather because after today the temperatures get much cooler as we head into the weekend sixty six the hi this afternoon showers in the afternoon tomorrow sixty four Saturday sunny and quite chilly fifty Saturday ninety urologist Terry Smith from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty WCBS brought to you by stop the spread of corona virus the coronavirus pandemic is deadly serious everyone must do their part to help stop the spread stay home do not getting groups for any reason you may have it and not even know it if you must leave your home cover your face and stay at least six feet away from others follow your state's guidelines for the health and safety of everyone fifty six degrees in Baltimore fifty seven NSX fifty nine in boring reporting at ten thirty four I'm Michael Phillip Ellie six eighty WCBS news and this is the fox business report stocks opened higher investors are looking at another green report on the job market there were three point one million new claims for unemployment benefits last week nearly thirty three and a half million jobless claims have been filed since mid March tomorrow the labor department releases its monthly employment report for April investors are seeing signs that China might be recovering from the pandemic its export activity increased three and a half percent in April it's the first positive reading since December Costco wholesale shares opened lower its sales declines in April it was hurt by lower gas sales and because social distancing.

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