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No one can see me right now. But i'm going to remove my cap the tip of the proverbial trap to the two men who put on absolute barn burner on saturday between santiago ponds and abo and miguel by as a what an incredible fight. That was fifteen minutes at exceeded my expectations. And i had very high hopes for that. Fight and santiago abo gets his first win since november of two thousand and eighteen. The man has been through the wringer. He was tested. Big time in this fight as we expected by miguel biza he toughed out a very painful to watch first round and got done man it was. It was absolutely phenomenal fight. So where does he go from his bonus. Earning win over a great prospect in miguel biza. he's the odd man out in the welterweight rankings. Right now i'm just a glancing at the top fifteen. I really wanted him. I remember to match up with wonderboy at some points. Of course thompsons. Fighting gilbert burns the loser of that could work. But i went with a little more a little bit more measured. I don't know again. I don't know where punts sits in the is the matchmakers I think i'm still you. I don't know if it was your jose this on the post by show alex moreno who threw it. Who throat alvarado you jose case. Jose but i think he i don't know if you i don't know if he meant for puns and abo or four by as a health or by is actually kind of like it for me i think moreno i liked the I think it's his time where he can start getting some more veteran names at any positive great But i just know if i throw and someone in the top ten right now at least not someone as i was running through names as a lotta these names the top ten that i've kind of already onto the next one matched up so i'm trying to stick with those until those fighters get booked or become ineligible for whatever reason so i had to go down a bit but i think we're on again exciting fight. Maybe i'm just want to see more abo back and forth striking battles now but i think it would be would be would be a good still the test to see where he is. A where positive view is after coming back for such a long lay-off having that lee loss and now this. But i i'm sure a lot of people might want to go a little bit higher ranked. I wouldn't be surprised. That'd be quite quite excited about it. Personally if i had my way and there were no managers and there were no teams and things like that. I think ponsonby over homs that you might have made a ton of sense. However i know. They're both rep by say manager and there's no title on the line and it's not like an tender fight so that could be a very tough sell and he took a lot of punishment this fight so it could be a minute until we see him again especially those like kicks the first round. I mean it was just tough to watch. Personally i liked the idea. Upon scenario facing the winner of carlos condit vs max griffin or you re book the fight with robbie lawler. Those are my two options. I am not like i understand. Positive you had a great stretch and in timing was awful. And he dealt with a lot and i get that and he came back and got knocked up by leasing liang and i know that because of this win in the heart that show we want to just throw him back in the top ten and i if they do that cool like i'd like to see him get these big fights that he deserved before he was on the shelf. But i don't think he's they're just yet like you get knocked up leading liang. You beat an unbeaten. Prospect of mugabe is who the potential. His ceiling is super high. But this is. He hasn't fought like a top fifteen guy yet. Like this was like the test like this is the sink or swim from gal. By at least for this point this grants giving very important fight in the in the biography of miguel as moving four. Like this is going to be like the mid point of the book where everything changes. But what direction does he go. So i'm not ready to throw them in there with with these top ten guys. I'm not ready to throw him in there. I know a very popular one. Was he fights. The winner of kevin lever. Sean brady not into that. Especially if brady wins because if sean brady wins. He moves up the ladder. He starts to get these top ten match ups that he wants like. I don't think he's getting like the of of the world but he will move up in the rankings. And i think it's a little more enticing and some of these guys will be. They can't say no after he beat the guy kevin. Lately if you want do like kevin loses and you wanna do positive kevin lee shore but option a winner of conduct griffin option b.'s. Robbie lawler for me can't can't go wrong with other those. The robbie lawler flight was Twenty nineteen. it was the last fight before the sketch was originally booked And it was. It was the last five four scenarios health problems really started to kind of pile up and he had to withdraw. That was again. I i wrote this down. I'm not jose young it by the way. I don't remember that. Well i wrote this down somewhere..

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