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I don't think you'll up with ten assists in this game. Because unfortunately, unfortunately, he doesn't have much help out there right now in the form of a Ginsu production from other players, but that's what happens when you run across a good team, especially in athletic team. Like, a Florida state the plays incredible defense, and those how to lock you up and stuff knows how to take away. The other players is gonna be it's gonna be a tough road for for a team. And that's what that's Murray saints finding out right now against those Seminoles, which this is also why you know, everything not just Zion Williamson, but RJ Barrett. Everything they've been able to do this year is so impressive the ACC is stack. Like look at Florida state like John I'm sorry. John Mara RJ bears play well against Florida state in in Zion. Like, there's some really good basketball being played in the ACC talking about. Zion. By the way, there's a nice matchup tomorrow. I think everybody's looking forward to Duke is on everybody's gonna watch that game for sure they're playing UCF. But the reason why I saw intriguing is they have a young man on their team name taco fall. And he is seven foot six inches to put it in perspective. Zionist 6'7 taco was seven feet six inches. Now. Taco has put it out there. Right. He didn't interview with NC double A dot com. And he said it's very hard to dunk on me. I won't allow it. I won't allow him to put me on one of those highlight tapes Zion is a great player. He someone we've never seen with that size is athleticism. And he's so quick it's gonna take team defense, and we're going to do our part. But it doesn't sound like taco is going to go out and let Zion put him on a poster Mike doesn't happen. Is there a poster of Zion tomorrow afternoon Dunkin on taco fall? Yes, there is a I think there'll be there'll be a poster of it. But I'm hoping I'm hoping that taco can at least blogs Zion. So he can say, Yep. I am being Tommy. But I did block one idea block one of his seven or eight blocks Dunkin's M's, I got I got a one time. The issue is with taco is that when you're tall and skinny and plays with so much force. That street is going to beat beat tacos height every single day. They can be one of those deals where I dot com. So hard. The taco falls back to the ground and get some that bad. Yeah. That would that would be ugly. Right. That'd be ugly for sure I wanna see the weights of of both players because I looking at taco right now to seventy two seventy six seven to seventy in Zion. Is they haven't listed to eighty four. Yeah. Tacos in trouble to eighty four were probably zero point five percent body fat actually things Diane is has a little baby Phat on them. Like, I look at his body. And I go when he gets to the to the NBA like he will really really be defined. He's in great shape. You know, calling them chubby or anything like that. I wanted to come across that way. But I feel like he still has some room to kind of mold his body. Some more scary. That's a scary thought then. Think about that. If if zion's got a quote, unquote, get rid of a little bit of that baby fat and get chiseled. Still goodness gracious. I'm tripping on two eighty four house. He able to move like that at two eighty four. I was thinking I swear I thought he was probably like two forty something. I think he was to eighty four that is that's a lot of waiting for him to be as agile as quick as the years. I mean that is definitely I'm looking at LeBron. The bronze six eight to fifty. So I mean zion's got thirty thirty five basic thirty five pounds on the on the LeBron James and the way he moves on the basketball court and how smoothie is on the basketball court. You know, that's gonna put my man on scale. Eighty five no way not to be. I mean. Well, I mean, it's Wikipedia. They're always right, right. They're never wrong way. In front of you. Yeah. Hey, you know, what hold on? I know somebody that. Is there the class of all sports media's ESPN? No, no, no, no, no, no. He's talking about Wikipedia. You crack a joke about Wikipedia, Google, Google me. Right. Quick. Put in Mike wells on Wikipedia. Okay. Now, they quick Mike wills are. Just trust me. I promise you just put don't put Mike wells ESPN. Just put Mike wells on Google. This is the prime example of what's wrong with Wikipedia. Okay. Well, it says Mike wills may refer to Mike wills businessman. Mike wells defensive lineman, Mike, Wales when you when you when you put in Mike wells and Kapiti page pops up it's by pitcher, my ESPN work pitcher, and Michael Alan Wells, the former NFL defensive lineman age forty eight played university Iowa. Hey, I'm not forty eight years old. Play football Iowa. I'm not three twenty five. Thank goodness. So that's what that's what leucopenia is all about. Yeah. They got my picture. And this Mike wells who played football is actually one. So many things I will never forget my kids came home from school. Daddy. How come you didn't tell us you played for the colts talking to me? Did it play. We Google like she's nine. She goes I Google do at school. And so my friends, and I didn't realize you played football and NFL sweetie that he wished he played football and in which he played in NFL. But that's not me. And so I googled, I'm like, that's my picture, right? There. When you talk about just weird pitches thing so years ago when the the Cavaliers were making their I believe it was there. It was the year. They won the championship. Right. And and the Cavaliers were coming back from from being down three one. I got a call from one the producers ESPN and said, hey, we want to interview you sportscenter. Absolutely. Little phone interview on sportscenter down is do this had never had that opportunity to do it before. So I'm pumped right? I'm super pumped. I walk into my bedroom to do the interview in my wife and my kids were sitting on the couch watching sports center, right? So I do the interview I walk out of the bedroom in the look on their face is like, no. And I'm like, what did I mess up my phone sound bad because I thought I killed it. I thought I did a great job you feel. That's right. I just ripped sportscenter. Right. I walk out. They had it paused. I don't know where they got this picture from. It was a pitcher. I took on Facebook where I was acting like really stupid kinda doing like the the eyebrow. Raise up and down kind of thing. I might have even been under the influence in his pitcher. And I was like oh God. No, don't tell me. A all your homeboys Texan, you time a Imbros wrong. What you've done. I got clown. They're like, oh my God. You got on sportscenter. And they use the terrible picture of you. Man that was the last time. No that was not the last time. I was on sports center. The next time we actually did kind of a simulcast, and it was again in the deep in the playoffs as myself and Aaron gold hammer, and we were doing a show in sports center. Kind wit live with us, and they were talking to us. We took a call. And let's just say they had is sportscenter had to drop less in use the dump button because we got pranked Lavaux sportscenter. Wow. Forgettable? Y'all got played. Oh, yes. We did. It was it was it was crazy. Absolutely crazy. So now, I've never been all sportscenter again since then I'm actually lucky to even be doing this. Again. Had that stuff going on a coming up next. Right. Ichi row has called it a career right this past week at the age of forty five which current athlete couldn't make it to forty five or better yet, which veteran athlete is playing right now that should've hung it up years ago. I have a guy that I can't wait to bring up in that situation. 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