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Morning. You're starting your day at 43, Gainesville's at 42. Now North Georgia's news talk Wdun. This'll look at traffic is brought to you by the Georgia Mountain Food bank that early erect we had on Lawrenceville Swanny Road when that county has been cleared, but we have a couple of problems now in for Seif County, there's a record Buford Highway of Ronald Reagan Boulevard in Marketplace Boulevard. Just south of the Georgia 400 interchange, and that is causing some delays there in that stretch of Buford Highway. Also, we have erect being reported on Castlebury Road at Majors Road, at least one lane being blocked near that intersection as well everywhere else in the area volumes going to be all that there is to slow you down. We are seeing speed limit driving, though right now on I 85 Georgia 400 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard 9 85, by the way, now back to the speed limit, Dr In that north bound stretch there between Buford driving Friendship Road, where we had seen some delays earlier, Georgia Mountain Food Bank works to feed Children, seniors and families and five counties join them and feeding hope together by visiting G, a mountain food bank dot org. From the Access Wdun Hayes GMC Cadillac Traffic Center. I'm Caleb Hutchins ceiling. What's going on with Business news? It's Fox Business News brought to locally Bon trees. His hardware Thompson Bridge Road, Gainesville, 7 40 With mornings on Main Street. I'm Connell McShane. This is the Fox business report. Well, Disney's CEO Bob Shaye, Peck says vaccines are a game changer for its theme parks. Che Peck expects mask requirements to remain for the rest of this year. It Walt Disney World but says the restriction should be gone. In 2022. Disney made a profit in its holiday quarter is its popular Disney plus streaming service grew to nearly 95 million paid subscribers. Disney World's Orlando theme.

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