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Many had to temporarily shut down Tyler timbral manages living farm cafe so we probably lost about five or six twelve hundred dollar days that would have been enough money to cover a month's worth of their utilities servers and cooks to count on ours and tips were told to stay home I just put the whole town behind it feels like it was a incredible the kind of psychic affect it had on the community David hers had his water shut off on his farm just outside Paeonia he says the town's top priority needs to be fixing its water systems these infrastructure costs are going to go up I expect that the right thing to do at this point he is the task aha he is the springs back in his office town administrator can night says the water shortage forced tough conversations about the community's future what we want growth to look like do we at some point in time put up the barricades and say not here those questions lead to even tougher ones like who's water use is most important who should pay to fix this and is the town ready for climate change water is the oil of the twenty first century clean drinking water people people don't quite understand how difficult it is to run a water system say have clean drinking water even though Pena is out of drought now knight says if other small towns in the west aren't prepared to deal with their aging leaky infrastructure he says pay union story is a warning of things.

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