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California on cbs sports radio steven how are you good how are you doing good man what's going on and this is my uh cut you got my attention uh talking about new england saw scientists the uh you know the never be another one like it uh i just one of the bay area and grew up five you know if we're not a fan and people don't understand out the greatest contribution bill walsh it through the nfl with not the west coast offense it was the system that he put together in the 80s and it'll the offense in large part was developed in battles against the new york giants embryo villa checks uh defense with with laurence sailor cetera and i just want to say that the uh i believe that uh watching new england uh when bill bill checked lawsuit job with our cleveland uh he went and deconstruct the bill walsh's entire system and that's what you people see today with new england is the forty nine or dynasty re creative in england new england i i don't disagree with that i agree with any of that half player he developed noname players lull draft pick putting putting him in a system is identical to have walsh put together uh with the niners admires bureau realized that they went 43 year from guy teenage the two thousand three the right playoff aiveli one time yup and they had a tendency record so this well we're thing will happen again i'm sure no green bay of close to it that's all i wanted to say no i appreciate the call listened to forty nine is a problem the green status the i've seen the patriots because there was that nine year break or whatever it was it between where they lost the giants a couple of times deed i can't say that necessarily compared to the forty nine ers but you're right in fairness the the the patriots offense is largely based on a lot of the principles that the walls tried to present there's no doubt about that and then you have the defense of genius that is built bella check even though their defense is statistically rank among the worst defense is in a lot of years they just don't give up points somehow some way they give up a ton of yards and you.

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