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Were talking about shel Silverstein. He wrote that song. Oh, did he who knew? Wow. Shel Silverstein, the children's author I said to fill the Tel Phil said, you know, used to live in park, one of the neighborhoods in Chicago. I didn't know that. And I said I thought you were going to say that he was a cartoonist for playboy, we confirmed that and a lot of you have been chiming in with your show Silverstein trivia, and I guess he was a man of many talents. Yeah. He wrote that enabling book for kids that enabling book for kids a giving tree. Oh, yeah. You are. You are worse than me today. What enabling book that was just a profound disagreement on that one? I thought it was I read that book and cried, I know shell Silverstein says eight one five is also in the country music hall of fame in Nashville. Tennessee is song writer and thank you seven seven three Brian said, yeah, he wrote a boy named sue the Johnny cash thing which was a fun song. That you Brian online one. Hey, Brian, you're on WGN radio. How are you? I'm good. How you thanks for the heads up. I didn't know that either. Yeah. Johnny cash one great singer. Yeah. Is this? This is the one you'd boy, I don't I don't know that I want to hear that. All right. Let's do it right now. Brian do a boy named sue for skull. All right. All when I was three. Blue. I don't win because he ran an ad thing that he ever did before we left Whitney. No, no now, he's he's going to be doing the song. Now. Hey, brian. Yeah. I forgot how much of it is talking. You can't you can't you can't carry karaoke boy named sue. Because you don't sing that song. Hardly. Do you? Fast. Yeah. Well, you got a good voice. So I'm sure it works for you up on steaks killed you do well with that. With the older crowd. Hey, thanks for listening. Thanks for the call. Thanks for the text. Thank you. Maybe that would be a good question when you're getting to know people like on your Twitter bio or Facebook on social media, you know, you have that little spot where you'll put something clever about yourself. Maybe you should just always make sure you list. Your karaoke song. Steve do you have a karaoke zone? Do not know you karaoke to not. Yeah. And you're welcome. Oh, my gift to all of you. Not only do I not karaoke. And I never have. And I never will. I don't wanna hear you carry. I don't wanna hear anybody carry. Oh, we have parties here where they carry. Okay. No. We're always busy with the. And it's funny because I guess that's really big in Asia. It's really big in parts of the world more. So than other cultures like aboard and others the United States. It's huge really big after three AM. I'm telling you, I do although I will say this. We were on one of our cruises. We are on a Kelly crews, and they're in the lounge downstairs, they had karaoke going and the place was packed and some of the people there was one of the gals who I think actually worked on the boat. She might be she looked. She's maybe twenty eight years old. And she saying some popular songs did you knew? And she she was so good. It was enjoyable. I mean it was really enjoyable. You wanted her to sing more? But that's the exception. I'm at how many people will be singing not well and enjoying it. And people will be sitting there not necessarily paying a lot of attention. But using that as the background music and everybody seems to be having a good time. I couldn't be the person on the stage. So at the bar, right? And so it goes back to doing that. You're describing the commercial where people would describe you would describe yourself now. I mean, the people who can stand there and sing badly and feel good about it. I'm jealous a little bit absolute, right? I mean that is a measure of confidence or or Jack Daniels. Something I don't know what's going on there. But really, what makes you think the people want to hear you sing. And I know that's that's not even a rhetorical question. But it's not an important question either. Because I'm the only one that seems to care about the answer to that. So I get it. I'm an outlier. Well, what I don't understand it. I do have an answer for you. What I did it on. New Year's Eve. Yeah. And I didn't care that people could hear me singing. I was singing for whoever would listen. And I was thinking you Queen song that is way out of my register. But I didn't care because they saying in that moment just made me happy. You feel good. What time did this moment? Come. I don't know. I think I do New Year's Eve L of what's your what's your what's the Queen Sonja. This show must go on. I'm not going to ask you to sing it here. What with us wanting to keep listeners, and all, but I imagine you're pretty good singer. And it's beside the point it was feeling good for you served a purpose. So hurry, hurry free live. I'm just not in the I'm not on that bus. A sandy you're on WGN radio. Sandy, what can you do for us? Oh, I can do so many things you the. First of which is I had old Chelsea wishing record in the sixty two now p one of the song never bite a married woman. And the guy what I'm beaten by a boa constrictor. Let's see what they were some others about buying the woman champagne at the end of the night when I would bring that record out. Everybody knew it's time to go home, man. Oh boy. Fun. Been trying to find you find that. And then report back to me. Okay. Okay. Just don't bite me. Let's say Jake vice from sandy and ear on WGN. How are you? How you doing great subject to songs that gets the boost slowing and house rolling in that. Sweet Caroline, and oh my God. I forgot the other one. But anyway, you goes to that song. Everybody will jump in and the party has just begun. And we sang it before we went to Afghanistan, and it just gets everybody going every single time you said to my producer L if she just whispered in my ear the song. You can't remember I if I'm not mistaken was American pie. Bye. Bye miss American pie. And then the other one care. Caroline. You know, what we had it? Come navy commander with us? Any goes? Okay, guys. It's ten o'clock was on a go home early. 'cause we gotta get up early. No problem. We sang those two songs we got back to the base at three thirty in the morning. Josh I'm the song. To save American pie takes about an hour and a half anyway. And then a couple of versus everybody. So loves the deal diamond song that I can imagine that would stretch the evening out. Well, not fun. Okay. The golden Grammy. Thank you, Andy. Have a good day. Thanks for listening, by the way. I said don't go too far. Steve Bertrand today is what is today's date. It is Wednesday. January sixteenth Steve's got his head down. I don't know if he's listening to WGN radio right now. Are you able to sit up and take fluids over there? Steve bertrand. I just wanted to remind.

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