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Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Manny Machado Middleton discussed on Jon Marks and Ike Reese


Mark Zicree tweets and texts in one second. I want to read this. Bob Nightingale USA today sat down and spoke to John Middleton. And a lot was made of Middleton's energy with Angelo where he said that what the fan said and even said a Twitter poll by Todd's lucky. Had played into it. But the Phillies knew that Harper was the overwhelming choice of the fans and a lot of people said, listen, you can't you can't let your fans dictate what you're doing as a business or a team. And mean while I agree with that. I this this move for Bryce Harper. I'll say even was more of a business decision than a baseball decision. Right. Because if this is the baseball decision, you said this all along I think the favored. Manny Machado, baseball wise early. And especially Matt Clinton. Exactly. Yeah. Middleton said my instincts. So they said, well, do you think that there would have been the same excitement? If you sign Manny Machado Middleton said my instinct is my instinct is no I think the fans are turned off by Manny and turned on by Bryce, I totally agree. Totally agree. I mean, so. He needs to stop saying that man. Oh, no. He's doing the victory lap right now. Three hundred forty thousand tickets were sold in the week after that he signed three forty all time record jersey sales. Bryce Harper's debut on TV ratings were up three hundred eleven percent for spring training for spring training game. Yeah. This is the best business decision. Even John Middleton admits it's even bigger than he thought it was going to be he didn't think he was going to be this big. So and then you look at the other side of Manny Machado, they sold more tickets, but not enough to even mention how jersey sales Padres fans got went out there and got it not even mentioned a cold jersey to have. It's not Padres jersey. And you think anybody was paying attention to the debut of Manny Machado in Padre spring training game. No, nobody was ESPN is in band attention to nobody was and meanwhile, three hundred eleven percent up for his debut. Yeah. So did already one business wise. Business wise, they've already killed it. Right. Yeah. Now, it becomes about baseball. Yeah. Now, you're right. And Bryce Harper. You gotta hit today. I gotta hit today. And and you certainly want him to live up to that. Because it could be it could be used for the Phillies brand price. Harper is just what Bryce Harper is supposed to be. All right. Let's let's take out Phillies winning World Series, and those type of things we certainly hope that's a part of it. But I'm just saying that Bryce Harper is the player that everyone expects him to be. We're talking about having the base of major league baseball in Philadelphia. And because my trout is the best player in baseball. And place for the angels. He's never going to be able to sell the sport the way Bryce Harper would be able to sell the sport plane here in Philadelphia is a great fit here. Yes, he's perfect for here. He's on the east coast. They're gonna they're going to promoting. He doesn't have a problem with it being the face of baseball. It was the right business decision. We have to hope it's the right baseball decision. Yep. Because I do believe Machado's the better player. I said that beforehand, but Bryce is what puts butts in the seats. And what we are. We we're seeing the result of Bryce people are still nuts over your feeling the effects of Bryce Harper. We wouldn't be as excited about Manny Machado. Meanwhile, the CEO of the Padres was saying, well, we hope to see the re we we hope to see a couple years down the line long-term the effect of it can pretty much got. Now, they got nothing out of it. Nothing out of it. The tweets and texts tweets attacks brought to you by the casino Delaware park sportsbook watching wager on spring training baseball. The college basketball, Turney pro basketball hockey and more to casino at Delaware park sportsbook lottery agent for the Delaware lottery must be twenty one the play towards attacks. Tweets..

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Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Manny Machado Middleton discussed on Jon Marks and Ike Reese

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