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Yeah, He definitely likes the surface here and, um, like I said, he's been training. Great. I know on paper, maybe doesn't deserve to be in it. Talent wise. He definitely does. I think we're going to see the The real keeping in mind on Saturday. Like I said, he's been training great. Keep me in mind is a 50 to 1 Long shot in the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, Paul Miles news radio 8 40 W H. A S Investigators who have been working to solve the murderers of two girls in Delphi, Indiana, are now looking into a kidnapping suspect in nearby Lafayette, Indiana, see if there might be a connection, according to the local sheriff. Least picking up 42 year old James Chadwell after they found a 10 year old girl locked in his basement. Chad Wells now facing charges, including attempted murder, child molestation, kidnapping and strangulation. ABC is Andrea Fujii, with more authorities now say they're looking into whether Chadwell could have killed 13 year old Abby Williams and 14 Year old Libby, German in nearby Delphi, Indiana. Four years ago, the sheriff, saying there are several factors leading them to look into Chadwell. Not elaborating. Police say Libby recorded part of the encounter on her phone, capturing a chilling voice that told the girls to move down a hill. Their bodies found on Valentine's Day at the foot of a hill. And we will in downtown. That is where last night the Belle of Louisville was the winner of the 59th annual great Steamboat Race, the Belle of Louisville, outracing the American duchess from Memphis and the Bell of Cincinnati. They went 14 miles on the Ohio River starting and ending at the second Street Bridge. The belle of Louisville's captain is Mark.

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