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The tail of the Twelfth Labor ends when Heracles Bring Cerberus to the palace of his cousin Uresti US having defeated. The dog in Haiti's herrick lease seems to have gained some level of control over the animal. He uses the dog to terrify his nefarious cousin into finally releasing him from his debt then returns it to the underworld. Like dogs themselves cerberus goes from a dangerous Predator to attain creature working on behalf of its human companion. Early relationships between humans and dogs were complex and ever evolving. They were ferocious killers that we took into our homes and by doing so we changed them but it did not happen all at once for a long time. Our relationship to dogs was a tenuous balance between affection and fear. Perhaps, the best reflection of this is the fact that so many civilizations in the ancient world chose the dog as a figure who would lead the dead into the afterlife in Egypt. There was the Jackal headed God, a new best a patron saint of law souls who comforted the newly deceased in Mesoamerica the hairless gray shallow wheat screenplay dog swam alongside the dead as they made their way through the watery underworld norse mythology had its own version of cerberus a dog named Garm who guarded hell the norse. Underworld. Death is a necessary part of life and the ambiguous feelings we have about it or not. So different from the ones we once had about canines to those who are sick or in pain it is a self and also a terror without death life would be meaningless like those early dogs that crept up to the fires of early man we chose to let it into our lives we live with the terror in the..

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