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The Florida Keys. Early tomorrow morning and be near Fort Myers. By the afternoon. These put the Gorda, Florida residents are getting ready. We've got some extra food. We had all the water. We have been stocked up. We're always stocked up just in case Elsa is predicted to move up the west Coast of Florida make landfall south of Tallahassee on Wednesday. It's then expected to move along the Atlantic coastline of Georgia, the Carolinas in Virginia, the rest of the week. Jim Carcillo CBS News News brought to you by there's Hope America. This is Richard Lee with another story of America's faith. Many Americans knew Dale Evans as the singing cowgirl alongside her husband and fellow movie star Roy Rogers. Yet she was an inspiration on her on Born in Texas, she began her singing career in Chicago, which led her to Los Angeles and a movie contract. She made her first appearance with Roy Rogers and the film the Cowboy and the Senorita and then went on to make 27 more films together. Her philosophy of life was this. Every day is a precious gift of God loaded with possibilities to learn something new to gain fresh insights into his great truth. Stories of America's faith has been sponsored by Logan Ville Ford. If you owed $28 trillion, and you didn't have the money to pay it off. What would you need to do? Make a lot more money, right? Well, now America's debt is 28 trillion and growing and right now, taxes or at a historically low level. It doesn't take a genius to realize that taxes are probably going to go up. Now think about your retirement accounts..

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