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First few years of their marriage there's gonna be a clear difference in terms of satisfaction because there is a reality and satisfaction could be measured in many different ways let's keep in touch with that one is the the newness of a new relationship will always give forth higher levels of a brain chemical called dopamine and dopamine as pleasure and it gives rise their feelings of motivation and happiness and connection and joy and so what you get is you get this newness of dopamine but there's also unsettled nece there's an anxiety that goes along with it we also seek as human beings for our satisfaction is a sense of security and contentment and fulfilment and fulfilment is not those smiling faces the excitement thrill and so forth that's one aspect of it marriage provides the continuity to miliary safety and security all of that provides kind of a relaxed fulfillment but that fulfilment becomes empty if we don't have the excitement as well and that's why we need these and new relationship skills that i talk about and on mars and venus because the relationship skills i taught in metaphor mars women are from venus books they still apply to great extent but not fully the actual putting it into practice we have new challenges which require new insights although those insights which is unique about all my books are very very practical because they take into consideration that men and women truly truly are different and so if you have a technique the deal with the challenge or problem just like in medicine today we now know so clearly that certain drugs only work on men and are counterproductive for women and vice versa we we realized that's where all the real research is coming in the show's the differences on the level of the social world they're they're trying to in sociology and feminism and so forth they're trying to constantly discredit legitimate differences between our brains and so forth between men and women so that's often called junk science so i don't like to fight battles so i although i've written many books on the differences between brain function and so forth and men and women i just avoid that because nobody nobody questions the validity an acknowledgement of the didn't necessity of hormonal balance and how men and.

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