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Dot Com adjacent. Fired by TERI and Kim. Gula. Three weeks after a Kimball Gupta gave bottle a emphatic. Vote of confidence, saying he's are going forward saying that the she knew that that would be popular with the fans, and then adding up, but we have more information in the fans do fast forward three weeks and he's. He's on his behind along with. Everybody had hockey operations, basically a both assistant. GM's gone. The entirety of the coaching staff of the American Hockey League Gun. The last two men standing basically as we watch scouts and scouting directors and everybody else falling by the wayside. Our coach Ralph, Krueger, who? told me he doesn't really think he's going to be all that. Much more involved in player personnel decisions than he is already and the new general manager of the Buffalo, Sabres Kevin Adams Aka. Kevin from, business station. Doing Player real guy everybody I talked to this week, said this is the kind of guy that who you would expect to be an executive at some point. But never been a GM before coming over the business side and taking over a team. They're really need some stout hockey leadership at this point I. Think Yeah, and you know I think it's a little too simplistic to say. He's just the business guy because as you said, he's a former employee of the former coach was for the sabres and has been around the. The game for a long time, but you know someone at this idea to me. A couple weeks probably months ago at this point that he is a guy to watch out for a, he was specifically talking about the President position which Kimball Gula has essentially taken on full-time and said this is the guy that's really been sucking up to the pagodas and he. And I would not be surprised if he gets more and more responsibility, and I'm texting people yesterday about this move know I'm reading one text right now. That's been an open secret. He's been setting up to be brutus for a few years now. This is the Guy Right and I think what this boils down to It is money. There's definitely a money aspect of it almost seemed like an emergency cost-saving situation where we know the goalers are trying to streamline their business. They're going to people. They trust us. They fired one GM and two assistant GM's and just replace them with one jim for now I. Don't know how they're going to do the draft. Chris Peters will join US later and does make a good point. Yes, they got rid of the entire scouting department, but that's all the scouting work that they did is not proprietary to them. It's proprietary to the sabres. They can just call Matt. But. This is just a big bundle of dysfunction, and if we look at this from a bird's eye view, a couple years ago were saying Oh, the sabres are turning the corner. They have owners that are committed. They're spending money. They signed Jack Nicholson this long term deal. Jeff Skinner Awhile. They finally have the compliment to him. Casey Middle Stat could be the answer one two down the center. And, then all of a sudden, we're like wait. How many gyms have cycled through? How many coaches cycled through? Are they more embarrassing? The Ottawa senators at this point because of their dysfunction, and unfortunately the reputation league right now for the Sabres isn't great and just one last thing I'll say is. You, know someone to me in the League yesterday. They're going to have a hard time. Convincing people. This is a good way good place to work after this. They're not building a good reputation across the NHL. Yes, especially, because it seems like the one the one part of the peculiar that you'd like which is their money isn't going to be flowing really as it was. The answer to your question is six head coaches, four general managers and Zero Playoff appearances since two thousand Eleven Aka when Terry bought the team and look. I don't think you could you could. Emphasize enough the change in tone from Terry, Gula, in nine years about his backing of this team, and how stark it is, go back to two thousand and eleven. We're at that point. Four years removed from Chris jury and Danny Briere leaving as free agents eight psychologically damaging moment for that franchise. The moment which sabres fans are like we are a small market team is going to struggle to compete in this league because our top players are gonNA. Leave for big contracts. insteps Interior Gula. He's a fan. Loves the SABERS on top of that he's a billionaire. BILLIONAIRE EMILY FRACKING billionaire making money natural gas. He bought my Alma Mater Hockey team at third, an extra ten million to get them a women's team to we'll take. Loads of money and this is a whole new thing for sabre, says Lebron okay. We Got Daddy warbucks now on our side a bulging wallet. We're going to compete and they don't only think that because he's loaded. They think that because Terry Gupta said money's no object, we are going to fund player personnel. We're GONNA FUND SCOUTING WE'RE GOING TO FUND coaching. We're going to fund all these things. There's never going to be a point. In which the Buffalo Sabres are going to be hurting for money because I'm here now, and the objective is to win the Stanley Cup. Nine years later. Tuesday firing Jason Botterill elevating. Kevin Adams. Terry Pu Gula talked about economics a frightening amount now granted. A lot of it has to do with the global pandemic downturn and all of his businesses. Arenas being shuttered, not really knowing if there's going to be fans in the arenas next season, there are outside forces that are obviously compelling Terry Pool to be an cost-saving way. But if you haven't made the playoffs in nine years in A. League that is designed. To get teams into the playoffs. Every other franchise in this league including an expansion. made the playoffs in the nine years. The sabers have not. They let in twenty four teams into the playoffs this year. The sabers where the twenty fifth. He went can I I? Guess I, can yes. The day. The NHL stops, you know. We're supposed to play the Canadians and if they had one in regulation, the sabers would have had a five hundred. percentage. Points when record and the Canadians would have been out four, ninety three, and the sabres been in. At exactly Jason Botterill likely would have had a job and we probably wouldn't be having this conversation today. But if what if candy nuts I'd be? A snickers bar emily, the point is. Is that if you can't manage a team to success. And you're not spending money anymore. What are you good for? The thing that was great was that he was willing to spend money. 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