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When Nick veve and went there, they weren't all that. Well, no, I mean, Nick Sabin has had a couple of different runs. You know? Yeah. He had the run he won the title in in nine eleven and twelve and then it looks like maybe maybe it wasn't going to happen again. So yeah, I mean, that's always a hard thing to say. But I think I don't think there's a I think I'm gonna say it again, I don't think anyone is in Georgia's league at the mall. Moment in terms of recruiting in terms of building a base. They've already had the experience of Oklahoma. It's hard to consider. I mean, it's hard to consider Oklahoma the next Clemson because they they just have swung too many times. Right. The good question. I'm gonna let I'm gonna let somebody else answered that. But but I do think it's a really good question. Squirrel is up next, squirrel. Welcome to the show. Glad you're back. That'd be happy Valentine's Day, Paul. Thank you things that early in the show that lady caller that choose a Kentucky fan and that she was conceding Tennessee game out. They didn't get me. But that was a one hundred percent faecal writer, Paul. I mean, you had to know that man that was Tennessee fan masquerading as a Kentucky fan. I mean, she was insulting her her own team. Basically, if she if she wasn't Dougie fan, and I can't believe any Kentucky fan on the planet with would talk about their team that way, I just can't see it ever happening. I don't it'd be like ten an Alabama football fan conceding in Seattle to Auburn team. It just it would never happen. So then you think that call was fake. I thought college colleges downright terrible. Whether it was fake or not. I don't know. He was pretended. My and she was pretending but married twenty nine years. I have you really. Well, that's pretty cool. I'm amazed as anybody I really am knocking on wood. But I guess what? She got me today. What? Okay. What did your wife? Get your probably pecan, cinnamon, Valentine's keen cake. That's pretty cool. It is heart shaped, and it was really good. Really good. And you get you gave her the the best show. Cd gave the finebaum degraded. The finebaum hit. I gave her a dozen roses from a card and some candy. So I did my, you know, it was just you didn't very pretty covered my basis, man. That's. Pay people that take this day for granted. Or making a mistake. They sure are they they they could end up single. But. But. How they wanted to ask you something for a while. But you know, I didn't feel like it was appropriate. But with it being Valentine's Day, what is the status of you and Millie's relationship now? I I think it's fair she she called in about about a week and a half ago. She is I'm not saying she had caught in. I heard her call. But I'm saying what is the status of your relationship? I mean, there seems to be a little rift between you two gods. I think that would be accurate. Okay. Well, like, I say, let's hope and you can repair and more. We're speaking about Rhys. I kind of feel responsible for you in gyms real. Dow him an apology or anything I can do to kind of tax things up you guys. No, squirrel. Because I I no longer have any interest in speaking of him. Okay..

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