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First hour here of the money Monday edition and talking about your money can't do much better to kick off your week than Stephen Moore, chief economist Donald Trump, one of the architects of Donald Trump's greatest Just economies in the world. But you can do pretty darn good with this guy Who's a dear friend of mine. One of the best broadcasters, I know, certainly out in New Jersey, whose show up Politically direct podcast on insider and J is killing it. Numbers are going up at all times. And Fernando, you re page Hey, How are you? John. All right. Hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl. It was all right. I had a good time with my friends had a few cocktails, but nothing. Nothing really crazy that you know, I kind of I bet the game. I'm a big gambler. I bet the game. I bet Tom Brady and the page and the bucks to win outright. No money. I took him on them. Will plus 1 50 to win the game outright, which I won that one, but I thought it might go over. I thought they'd be more scoring, But the Tampa defense really brought the heat yesterday. Remember that? So, um, lots of debate out there. Um, about this new stimulus check the new $1400. The unlike the first ones, this comes with some conditions. If you make XY Ozu don't get the whole thing. And Bernie Sanders is livid about it. It appears. What do you make of this? What's interesting is first of all the fact that you know Bernie Sanders, the chairman of the Budget Committee, we got doesn't know anything about budget to begin with. So it's kind of ironic. Because even you know, Joe Manchin from West Virginia who's you know, known as the most conservative member of the U. S. Senate is concerned about some of these chicks going out. High income earners who send them did not lose employment during the pandemic, So I think what we're gonna have here The first of the next few weeks is Democrats, both sort of And they're really far left one's arguing about what income threshold should be eligible for these stimulus checks, And in the meantime, Americans are still struggling. Johnson just seems like it's a lot of You know, philandering, Just a lot of semantics. Right now. You know the day it's taxpayers that are getting the short end of the stick, and I think that's what we should really upset people. I mean the amount of something that we decided it's all of this just posturing within the Democratic Party specific since they have majority site majorities in both chambers to get this done, and I just think it's disappointing overall right now for Americans Yeah, I'm with you. And now, um, you know also, I don't have a problem with people who aren't affected, not get You know, I I don't disagree with Bernie Sanders on that. Um, but now they're talking about this new child tax credit that's coming coming down the pipe of something. What's this new tax reform yet? Well, it's interesting, though, John, because when we look it against some of these numbers, and just for our audience, you know they have it. Really? I mean, we're talking about $3000 per child. And, of course, in certain age demographics here that will be part of the package, for example, you know, good between you know up until brother up into the age of six. We're looking at You know, $3600, but any any child between 16 17 I was, and I think that first of all if you looked at National standards. People are sure having less kids, John, I think even before the pandemic, we started seeing many Americans in couples specifically, we're looking to Child, No child rearing as a very expensive avenue. I know it sounds kind of like everybody for me to say that, but believe it or not. You were down in the last couple of years. So I think couples around the country of seeing that having a child is expense having more than one child expensive, especially in this economy. Now, with coded it sort of amplified morn. Again. I think it reminds us about this president and how he feels that. Hey, we can just throw money at a problem and it goes away in John, Listen. President Johnson back in 1968 allow Congress created, You know the great society. Remember that the war on poverty started, and since then we've had over a trillion dollars of federal money. Going to poverty programs reducing poverty, right. We've seen an increase in Medicaid and other programs and John get In percentage of people living in poverty today is commensurate with what was going on in 1968. So these programs haven't worked, and I just think the Democrats are falling to this whole of just throwing in some sort of, you know, money at a problem that quite frankly, I think Needs to be addressed at the state level. I want to appease a lot of the progressive wing. He wants to appease a lot of the liberals within the party of saying, Hey, listen, we need a child tax credit. We need a bond. We need this stimulus. Check her. That's similar check. John. I think it's just scary when we think that Throwing money at problems solve them when we know that for over 50 years, poverty has not been southern United States shop. No. And by the way, these, you know, arbitrary lockdowns kind of even making poverty worse because you got small business owners, especially like restaurants and bar owners. Who have a lot of 10 99 workers. They weren't even eligible for the P P P. Some of these people have a hard time getting even unemployment. Aren't necessarily even going in my view to the people who need the most. So you know, Stephen Moore said. There's still like 500 million left from the last stimulus that we haven't even used yet. Maybe. You know, I had an old boss when I used to say, Hey, I need bigger credit lines with my clients. I got to do more business. You got 100 million with this guy and you got 40 million left on. I said, no, I need more. But he would say, Well, why don't you use the other 40 and fill it up and then come back and make the case to me. Let's maybe use the money we got before we start spending more. It's almost like a drunken sailor. John, you actually write about that? Here's something else about this upcoming simplest. Worry all of us. I mean, I live here in New Jersey. And just like you in New York, you know, it's just it's become very evident that Governor's Cuomo and Murphy, for example, our governor Wittmer in Michigan. You know Democratic governors who have just spent the responsible in their states. We're not managing their state. It's you know, in a very physically responsible manner. Mistreating to build him out with some of these, you know, ridiculous aid packages at the state you're demanding. It's sort of like we're rewarding bad spending with Hey, let's just kick the can down the road, and that's just a bad message. And right now again with this administration that seems like you know, they think that we're printing money. It's just that you're responsible. Somebody keep an eye out for Years because again, these states are spending their responsibly. No more Muffy are doing our secret service and they want the better going to build them out. I just think it's wrong. I think people hopefully will wake up to it, especially this year giant New Jersey, where Governor Murphy is up for re election. And by the way, history is not on this side, where a Democrat is not won re election as governor since He's a Brendan Byrne. That's a long time ago. John and I'm sorry. It's these Democratic governors. They're putting themselves in a really bad position by sort of having their hand out, saying President Biden. Democrats in Congress, Please bail us out. It's just the wrong message, Child. Yeah, there's no doubt about it. I mean, you know these governors they've they've caused some of this. Jersey and New York Bolt have deficits in their pension plans, which is another ticking time bomb. And I really wish this money will get into the right people instead of bailing out poor leadership, but Not the poor about your leadership, certainly on politically direct on eyes on and J and all the great things you do in New Jersey. Always there for me on Monday and any time I need you, Thank you. My brother appreciate it. Thank you more. John. Stay safe. All right. That's Fernando. You rebate. He's the host of politically direct on eyes on N. J. You got to check him out the guys on the money..

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