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Two of us shorts with albert. Frederick hi this is naming lattice. Welcome to the vast shots myself alba. Freshdirect is talking to people across the globe about the pandemic experience on its relationship to creativity mental health and emotional wellbeing and as always. I'd like to trick a warning. These adult show so the themes will be complex and interesting. And maybe at sometimes triggering. If you're over ten the disposition today put this on pause and put market for later. Saw otherwise dive right in my guest. Today is autism herons wild and this is quite exciting for me spot often. I've got some loose connection or a close connection with my guests. I don't know towns. But i know terence's work from instagram on his website. So but just gonna tie interests and this is going to bid journey for us now. I've called you an artist. Am i know with my own journey. When i could say that. I was off to store photographer writer. It was bake thing for me. And i don't think that's unusual. People claiming that title. So can you remember when you first started saying you know what i am. An artist and i can let the world. It was probably not that long ago. Maybe five years ago south. Never been not comfortable with the talk. autists used statistic congress someone who painted drew and then because i've had some mental health problems i wanted to start expressing my mental health problems visually in my work and that it's when i started to think of myself as an artist because i often thought the artists for people that might lots of money and have lots of shows do work. That's quite impulsive snow. And i've never quite been like thought. I've always done my work. As a form of luck. Halen toe into how many survivors person and then there was a extra complication. what was i an outsider artists. And i'm not sure if i'm outside drought. Just because i've had our training. So i'm an outside because i'm also a game man and i'm an outside the from society so i grew up in the sixties so i consider the wasn't gay liberation. It was happening along the from the sixties. So i'm an artist and outside the from the perspective of being in a minority group. And the i'm an artist that happens to have mental health problems naught a mental health artist. So i like to be an outsider within within outsider art so to speak that. That's a really wonderful description on. I think it's a really valuable description. Because i think that thing of you know this. Perceived idea of an artist somehow has to have their names in lights band bounces. Something makes the the the bank manager sing with joy and so far removed from creating work. I'm i remember years ago. And i told other people. I don't know if i mentioned on the podcast before the artists. Louise bourgeois who i really like.

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