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I mean the last two games. They've had they've It's just been katie and a hardened so we'll see what happens when kyrie is back to the mix. But i mean that is a that is a top trio right there so it should be all right so you said trio all right which one's which one's kevin durant on your team. You boat humor. Dalen i give give katie boaty okay. So are you harden who key which was dalen again. Cairo you going there. I mean. I guess we'll go with a daily and the left. I guess we'll give him. But i love it. Well you know what. I love watching you guys when we get a chance to watch of course on pluto and listening to you on kfi. I'm a. i'm a huge fan and we'll be continuing to follow you guys and sco grab a couple of w's against us eastern washington team coming up later in the week shit. That's matt johnston the second as being. He's being nice. He's being humble you know. Listen he's been tearing it up for this team. He has been the guy boat love. Boaty dan coons had told you. Transfer from very excited about him. I love core course cleaning up the boards. But i tell you it's been math. The last four games. And they need him to click. And bodey bodies. He's averaging fifteen point seven he's out of the top five and scoring now so you want him to get back up close to that seventeen mark but ultimately you like those three guys bringing it every single night three guys for the bears averaging in the double digits fifteen for for bodey twelve dalen and eleven about twelve for matt. So matt's brought up that average so you're going to expect a lot from those three guys if you want the bears to To try to finish closer to the top in the big sky conference forty six minutes after the hour. More on the possibility of the shawn. Watson for the broncos i through a couple of trade scenarios out there. I don't know if it's going to matter. What the broncos. Offer though because sean has a no trade clause which means he gets to choose but houston has to ultimately decide what they're going to do With the broncos be on that list or maybe just on the outside looking at forty six minutes after the hour. We'll take a quick break. It's the whole show powered by energy. We'll be right back. It's a party in northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten k of k the block party wednesdays from four to ten pm..

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