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Stretched to four weeks because we were just running out of time, and it was really insane to because here we're trying to shoot a video for winter wonderland in the midst of the worst drought in history in California with not even a flake of snow anywhere on the horizon. This not even at the highest elevations in the Sierra. And we're thinking how are we gonna do winter wonderland video, you know, October and it just as luck would have it. There was a small storm that was blowing down through Oregon. They usually blow in from the south. You know, the we call it the pineapple. Express and it comes off the ocean. But this one was cold and had a little moisture in it. And I was falling like crazy 'cause we were dreading having to fake this stuff. You know with. I none of us like the fake anything. Especially snow would be terrible. So long story short. Yes. The snow came. It was going to snow late in the evening and through the morning. And so we left our place we live on the coast in the north bay area of California. We left our house about three in the morning to get to eighty five hundred feet elevation. And Carson path in the Nevada is just after sunrise, and we're blessed with about six inches of fresh snow, of course, as the sun came up. It was literally melting under our feet, and we start until we couldn't shoot anymore and prayed we had enough on footage to fill in the blanks, and and it all worked out pretty well, actually. But that was the only snow we got that. I think until later in December that relax. I'm talking about fill up. It was the wildest stroke of luck, all workout. And then of course, you know, we'd.

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