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Com today and make your connection that's Brent point dot com allowed before it has any significant impacts here. Laura will be the stronger of the two systems, as it gets into the Gulf could potentially be a major hurricane. And the forecast track has been shifting further. West Clouds SUNSHINE today tomorrow Upper nineties Wednesday Mohr Sunshine with highs in the upper nineties. Right now, we've gotta dry forecast for Thursday and Friday. Temperatures close to 100 degrees but the showers and thunderstorms will be just to our east. So any further trek to the west of Laura could impact our weather here. Best advice right now. Stay tuned. I mean, neurologist Race Digit A weather channel San Antonio's official weather station is ready of 1200 W away on under partly cloudy skies. It is 92. Degrees, and it's 101 a news radio 1200 W away I president Trump says he is thrilled to be nominated for a second term. He visited Charlotte, North Carolina, after delegates formalized his nomination during the first day of the Republican National Convention, saying the November election is the most important in the country's history. Galveston County expects their plans regarding Tropical Storm Laura to be solidified by this afternoon. County Judge Mark Henry says people need to take storm seriously because it could become a Category two hurricane. Before it makes landfall. In reality is the storm surge could be an issue. A Laura could make landfall Wednesday. Tropical Storm Marco could also hit southeast Texas. But that one's currently weakening federal aid will be available for Texas is Laura Marko, head towards the United States and Governor Greg Abbott announced today. A federal emergency declaration request was approved by fame ahead of the storms. And the money will be used to help with evacuation and shelter support. Harris County and Gulf Coast residents are used to preparing for hurricanes, but this year is a little different. Do the pandemic Icky Bradley with Harris.

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