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You're listening to wrestling observer live with Bryan, Alvarez and Mike Semper v on the sports byline broadcasting network. The show Brian Alvarez here wrestling observer alive mark. V. Also Wrestling Observer DOT COM. We've got a lot to get into here today on the program. I don't know what's going on with twitch right now he seemed to be watching myself in Moondog. Moretti always a a classic encounter right there but I'd like to apologize to Mike and Everybody, for not which yesterday we had A. With a comedy of errors led to a comedy of of no twitch. But Hey, we're here today everybody and we are here to talk about what you WanNa talk about. So you know the text message line and if you don't I'm GonNa give it to you right now four to five, seventy, zero, seven, five, six, six. Four to five, seven, eight, zero, seven, five, six, six. And are the Mike probably talk about the g one yesterday I am a day behind I have not seen the she match from yesterday. Vast hold it was absolutely awesome. Vic Somebody here believe it was Paul. Fontaine. is she versus Shingo is to uncared wild animals fighting. And it was wonderful. So I want to see that one. Have you seen that one yet mike? I have seen that one but you know what? Before you see that one watch will spray in J white because it's a different kind of awesome buddy was backpack awesome and the seems to be you know this is not the same g one is it's been past years, but it still feels like we're getting one or two I don't WanNa. See match the year candidates but certainly great great matches that are taking place seemingly on every night especially in blockade. Alright. Well, last night was W and Annex T, and I guess this is what's going on very quickly. Everybody cody came out for a promo announce it next week on dynamite. He is in fact, going to be doing a dog collar match with Brodie Lee for TNT title. So this is not going to be a pay per view match. They are doing this match on TV next week for Free So. If I know cody. See all, audible. I'd. On TNT next week man they were at Oh. Sorry. Go ahead. Now go ahead I thought we were already into the banter stage of this. I i. You know I was surprised highlights here. But go ahead. I was surprised that they went to this thing. So fast in two ways one, the announcement of it I thought that maybe they would announce it for full gear or something like that where he accepts or they draw outer brainy doesn't want him to do some way that they were going to draw it out but they didn't they went right to it and. They're going right to it next week on TV. So it's interesting. You Know Roddy Piper and Greg Valentine is the one most people are we need to point to I know we've had dog collar matches since then but that's kind of like the preeminent one and it was a bloodbath. It was a unsanctioned match from the end of that was the story line going in Piper who'd be able to win get his revenge on Greg. Valentine for damaging his ear and putting him out and that was the. Whole point of that feud was Valentine beat Roddy Piper so bad in the ear that he lost his hearing and the only way that Piper could get him and keep him close was this dog collar challenge Valentine that ended up in a bloodbath at stark aid, and they're doing it on TNT ON TV and I'm not sure what their competition is next week. I know obviously that it it's an next I'm not sure if the vice presidential debate which is actually used to be vice presidential debate. I guess we'll find out if it actually takes place I'll be fine with that one as long as any more presidential debates but that's for a different show but you know it seems like they are really throwing a lot at at a show that I mean competition-wise I'm not going to say it's just a week, but it's just a week. So again, I'm surprised by this maybe this set up something word full gear I don't know, but it was really surprised me they went to it this early. Well. This person here on on twitch does not it is the TNT championship and not the pay per view championship. So I guess the argument would be that if you've got a big match while my argument would be the TNC. Championship should largely be defended on TNT it is the THC championship but. I mean, there was a TV title it didn't mean that the TV title couldn't be defended on a pay per view can be on a pay per view. So I would say very much like WWe's wacky. Got The hell and sell pay per view this that to me if you've got a stipulation match for the TNT title, if you've got a dog collar match a very, very bloody match, my argument would be that you put that match on pay per view and your normal regular one on one no stiff and matches. Those can all be on TV. But I guess there's not a Awa pay per view coming up for a while so. May as well. Just gives everybody something for for free by the way, yes? Yes. Next week, it would be the vice presidential debate. I. Guess. We'll see if there's going to be another presidential debate I. Hope it got to see. Quite frankly, if the presidential debate was going up against aws, it might actually help a W Annex T. That's my theory. Would your wife ever do a flip die for you. We talked about in in the brawl. Yes. So Wife Mike would do anything.

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