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But i do have to say a party in the usa re entered. The chart shot outside cla legend. Long money right there forever. Coin upon coin. I was very happy to see that announcement on twitterby a billboard. Do you guys have any announces. Before we jump into this week's episode Yes on revolt news. This week with my girl. K williams Dishing a little bit of this and a little bit of that so you can kiss that. This thursday the day after this here show comes out Yeah i can't remember what time it comes out on thursday but it comes on on thursday on revolts. Just watch other revolts socials. Watch my socials link everything where it needs to be linked to know. I never mind lincoln. Nothing up so i'm going to do a breakfast club cameo because we had recorded then came so that was such a great opportunity. I actually got to talk about Election day actually share my post election day thoughts On the breakfast club mehan ebony williams my girl my Co host over there. I'm the coast to her host. Excuse me at Holding court are the show but we actually were on the breakfast club. Shout out to angelo. Ye my homegirl. Shot up to charlemagne and shot out the dj envy. We had a very very very great conversation. And like i said we talked about all things post election day so there was a little bit before we knew which way this thing was going to go. Okay we were sharing. Our thoughts sat out to them. It was a great great great interviews. Coal you know the breakfast club upbringing. I know you do. I have this week's black business friend. How black is the business plan. This was actually very black so love to see black fashion fair. This one is our fashion kids. Okay this is laughing already. So there's a site have y'all checked it out. have you heard of it. None of it's pretty impressive. Black fashion fair dot org. It's it's a designer eight through z. Directory founded by antoine gradually so highlights black designers fashion designers accessories. Footwear costume design all the designers in between it's an evolving base that's constantly being resource in referenced and remember we had shouted out dante. Maurice memory shouted him out. dope built. Go back photographer from atlanta. Who has blown the hell up this year. Might i add. He shot vile la. He shot day Like he's had an incredible surreal year and considering the year it was for him to come out on top of the year. Like this is just beautiful. So we highlighted him at the top of the so. It's kinda coud. Just see like how his year completely flipped but he is the main photographer on the site so a lot of the fashion stores. You see he's the one that creates that but outside of it just being eight through z. Sc asante i can tell you is on the homepage. Soundtracks allies down with the clique chocolate. Screw the beautiful black line so side of the eighth through z. Director which is tight because a lot of the times you know. Maybe i need a newsletter new pants a new bag and i just want to support a black owned brand Like the bag that everybody is obsessed over now You know they have all those brands But outside of that they also have community tab. And what i love about. This is that it's provides. Mentorship internship and scholarship information for young designers for the future design students in all areas of fashion with an emphasis on purpose nourishing their potential and embracing the nuances of the individual voices. And i love this because they literally put together grants and really just try to help but come an ecosystem for the young designers that might not have that access and opportunity if you click rather resource right so if you click on the communities hab you'll see that they have Different they have the partnership email designer inquiries educational initiatives and development press. You name it's at the bottom of the page so outside of the designer directory. Jasa getting some inter- shit internship scholarship opportunities that are starting in twenty twenty one so wanted to put that out there fire fashion babies that listen to the show and that's it black fashion fair dot org and that's this week's black business love it. Love it so good right. I was like I'm about to live on this site. 'cause i need a whole new wardrobe. I don't know for what free thing on here like. The s series hoodies like fashion fashion. Shit to not just thing is for having day. Where high end low end everything between love it and there you see that directory is not a game you can keep scrolling everybody. I'm laurin broad. I have to get out to minimize. Sorry and you know is cool there developed if you click on the stories tab It's a new thing now that they're developing where they're going to actually give you the background stories of each designer and you know like how they got to where they got their connections video visuals of their background. Just everything for those of you. That just looking for some in spo side thought. That was cool. I'm looking forward to that tab being developed a little more. I love this right. You guys ready to jump into this week's recap actually ready to jump into the black fashion fair dot com but we're going to do to reject dot org dot. Don't end up in the wrong place. Now right that might be another black fashion so did deity of it was the dustin roz takeover. We discussed the relationship dynamics red flags witness on taymor baxter's latest show. Get your life dustin anything you want to add to that you know. I just want to thank everyone who actually went back and watched the show. I got so much feedback on twitter and vs other social media platforms about people who because of our conversation went in actually viewed all six episodes of the series and everyone was just kind of blown away by the blatant nature Those red flags speak of so charlotte. Everybody just kinda took the timing. You know dove into really what we were talking about. I got a lot of love for braxton. And i hope she figures it out but i think that she needs to get out of her own way placed thank you. Someone said it. Felt like you created the taymor. Braxton unsung with your monologue. Thank you thank you. I bet you handedly boosted the show's ratings right. How many of us would not have watched it on our home but just curious and wanted to contribute to the conversation bring you shot up till we tv. I love you guys. Hire me asante. Who's out to you. I want to give a shoutout actually dip into those soundcloud streets friend so i would love to let you go. I if you're ready or you know. I could go ahead and take it because i just love to let the ladies go first. You totally can cause. I'm actually dipping into the twitter streets. Good so i'm going to pick a few of these. So just to backtrack really fast sabrina. Kay was the one in the comments on soundcloud said destined. Gabe was taymor brexit. Unsung right yes. Thank you for the credit. Your worries because right when you said i think that too so i knew it so gadget you got your credit girl..

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