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Out of bed? The response has been fantastic. Like this story from Mark and Lynette had gotten to the point where my wife, and I were able to sleep in the same bedroom consistently. I had to keep pushing. Or or kicking waking him up, and after he would wake up, you know, maybe there were ten minutes or fifteen minutes before he would start snoring again. I would hope I fall asleep during that time. But if I didn't it just made for a long one time. I remember my wife brought in a recording listen to this. And he was like of some animal. No, it's you your snoring. And now what Z quiet. That's no longer a problem at all. I finally can sleep through the night. Z quiet works for both men and women. Text go to two four six eight ten or go to get Z, quiet dot com. Try it risk free for thirty days for just ninety five. Text go to two four six eight ten people's vote a common market two point. Oh and a vote on parliamentary supremacy, which if voted for would indicate that MP's would want an extension of the Brexit deadline date as opposed to a new deal scenario. And if that won't granted by the EU parliament would then be given the right to vote on a no deal or no. Brexit now last week the customs union option and confirmatory people's vote with the more popular, but it would appear that this time around a proposal for a common market two point. Which would see the UK remain in the single market is gaining ground massively Powell London. The college student who was murdered in South Carolina reportedly nine from multiple sharp force injuries. The autopsy for twenty one year old Samantha Josephson didn't specify what weapon was used in her death. She was found dead in Clarendon county on Friday after she mistakenly got into a car that she thought was her Uber ride. Police have charged Nathaniel rolling in her death. They say Josephson's blood and her cell phone were found in his car and the US could run out of avocados in three weeks. If President Trump shuts down the border ahead of mission produce, Steve Barnard notes that Mexico supplies virtually one hundred percent of the avocados in the US right now, the USDA says nearly half of all imported US vegetables. And forty percent of imported fruit are grown in Mexico. Mark Mayfield NBC News Radio. Message and data rates may apply. Earning your. Degree from one of the top business schools in the country might sound impossible to fit into your workload. But what if there were a business degree that further your career and gave you access to world renowned faculty.

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