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I got it. I got baby. You we can get better. If you want to we could get married if you want to. My. Rickie jared. He's he's crazy. What did you realize you? I mean, you had spent your whole life with dad who was in movies for when you were little he was you know, he was a new actor by the time, you were an adult. He was a movie star. You know, you had been in your in Malcolm X. You'd you'd you'd done this to some this has been a huge part of your life your entire life. But when you showed up for set is basically a greenhorn. What did you realize you did not know? What did I realize everything you know, how to read a call? She, you know, just just what blocking I act like I did. But I was like what is this? What would what is called time me? You know, I was like available ignorant to a lot of that stuff. And, you know rehearsal when we would rehearse, you know, I'm like going full tilt like I'm like reserve in anything for for for the scene. And I was just ready to go at all time every take. Yes. Yes. I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm ready. I mean, I'm always ready, but just I was just so I had a very still very much a football very much a football mentality and was wearing myself out, you know, I slept. Well that first day, and and that's one of the first day also was was a club scene. So like, it was like a whole bunch of extras in here comes the rock and and p burgers like ready because I know that they, you know, this still taking a chance on me. I did because she lost. So says some people are great auditioners. And they and they can't then they don't step up to the plate when his game time. Others aren't very good auditioners a great when they get the job. So I knew I had a lot of pressure on me. And I wanted to make them right? Because they fought for me because there were some people that that didn't necessarily believe. So they did. So. So I I had a lot on the line. And I just I just went for it. I just went for it. But I'm definitely looking around like peed in that at at the rock in that, Omar in all these extras, and I'm like man, this is crazy. What what what have I done? What way I think? Wait, let's time out guys time out. I need another month. You know? But now I went for I went for how did you get black Landsman? Got a text message from Spike Lee saying. Saying we have this story. Yeah. I mean right now, you don't everybody gets text from him. Right. I mean, I say yoda's, spike. Call me in those exact words, despite call me, I. I'm thinking this is a print here. I definitely think here my number. So I didn't know what was going on. But I call them because I I need. This would be great. I need the job. You know, I'm out here, you know, trying to get jobs, so I'll call them, and he and he sort of soft pitched me the story about a the the first African American detective in Colorado Springs, infiltrates, the Ku Klux Klan. Now, I'm thinking, you know, was it. The car is a Carlos Bixby the bigs we saw a skit by Dave Chapelle. I'm like is this some sort of play on that. But I'm in because Jordan Peele in spike are in so I'm in, but he says, no there's a book, and he's going to send it to me sends me the book round stalwarts black klansman. I read it in a call him back. And I I'm blown away. I tell them how much I loved it. And he said, I don't see this some. Got it. I done a movie for his wife who produced this movie called monster the premiered in Sundance last year. So he was familiar with that. And and some stuff on ballers. So, you know, he knew with I mean, he he knew of my work. But yeah, that was basically the audition process. More of my interview with John David Washington after a quick break. He'll tell me about what it was like to be in black klansman. And particularly what it was like to learn to empathize with a cop. It's Wolsey for maximum, fun dot org and NPR. This message comes from NPR sponsor Ari Ari..

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