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Sponsor which obviously helps support Me and this podcast all right. So let's finish up with drug interactions so from a metabolism standpoint When i think of the telegram. I think of Sip to see nineteen in cyp three a four so those enzymes do breakdown s attala pram to a certain extent. Now would i say it's a crazy crazy extent. No but would. I say that you know it can potentially alter the activity in concentrations. Yes i think. There is some significance there so cyp three four. You know we think about you. Don't enzyme inducers unlike rampant or saint. John's wart or carbamazepine those can potentially lower concentrations and drug activity of s s telegram. Cyp three or four inhibitors can obviously do the opposite potentially increase the risk for elevated concentrations a sip to see nineteen again another pathway there Classic example is mapra solemn. Eppers all Potentially has some inhibitory effects on sip to see nineteen so concentrations of s telegram can potentially be elevated a little bit there of course Without omeprazole interactions in increasing concentrations. We do think of qgc. Prolongation risk With s attala pram. Just like we would with Telegram i would say there isn't as great of a body of evidence for s attala pram as there is for Psyttalia prim brand name. Select some But it is something we we need to look at. You know what it. What does their ekg say to us. are do they have. Other risk factors are they. On other drugs that can interact in. Raise the risk for cutie. Prolongation thinking about some of those agents. You know you're ami odor owns your Quintal on antibiotics. You're anti psychotics Those are all meds that could have additive effects on kuci prolongation other agents To think about so if we've got other Psych medications onboard. Ta's ma wise. Eh center is that's probably not a combination. Wherever gonna wanna use together with that..

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