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But at the end of the day, you know, if you don't want it for yourself, you're not going to make that change, and it I mean, there's so many different food. Science documentaries. I'll always tell you know, people to watch. And of course, there's the popular what the health that is on that flicks. That a lot of people have streams to understand, you know, really what the food and Drug administration. We know is producing what what's out there junk food, preservative chemicals added sugar and every single thing possible that probably shouldn't even have sugar. You know, I it. It's actually just just really sad. And I think the more people try to educate themselves or really like research for themselves and look into things the the more. They'll actually see, you know, their eyes will be opened like, wow, this is this is in you know, just this. I thought this was only this, and it really wasn't until I started urging my friends and my family to read ingredient labels. You know, read those ingredient labels and look to see what's in there. I mean, if you chances are if it's an ingredient listed that you can't. Bounce? And you're having trouble reading as an adult. It probably shouldn't being your buddy. You know, a lot of a lot of the natural things there. They agreements are going to be those everyday things that you can find in a typical refrigerator or cabinet or spice rack that. How you want to be eating, and, you know, unfortunately in this time it it is expensive. It can be expensive to eat that way. But you know, for me, I just see it as it's a small price to pay. Now versus later on down the line, you know, and my cancer medical bills are one.

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