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We've heard from coach les observed Montross chimed in as well Jones will rejoin us in a moment. But right now, it sounds like Adam Lucas is behind the scenes with one of Carolina's double figure scores. And that's Luke maye. Understandably happy Carolina locker room. Luke this team can really score. What makes this team? So good offensively. Yeah. I mean, we got a lot of guys that can get to the spa. In knockdown shots. And I just think we're very lethal on all fronts inside outside mid range on the break on the boards about this thing is really tough to stop us. And I mean, we turn the ball over almost twenty five times and scored over one hundred points, and that says a lot about our team. And the things we can accomplish part of the reason for turning over so many times but still being able to score bunches the great job on the boards. What we all able to do rebounding. Just control that area of the game. I thought it was huge just to really give us a big lift on the boards in coach preaches all the time about getting to the boys get into the boards get to the with us the game. And we did that tonight. And it all started with gnaws at the end of getting those offense aboard in that book. But a great team win. You look much more in a rhythm than you have a couple other games. What were you able to do to sort of get in the flow out there? Feel like I've been playing. The shots. I usually shoot. I mean, it's no different than any other game. This happen to be one of those nights that I just made some shots early on. Let me go on a great great game for us and a great team with they made some more shots in the second half. But overall it felt like a better defensive effort than the last couple of times out. What did y'all do better defensively? I thought we really did a good job of pressure on them and being upfront and trying to make sure they get them out of what they do. And I thought we did a great job at this fast with the box. That was big force only seventy eight players in the history of North Carolina basketball have scored a thousand points. What does it mean that one of those? Luke maye. Big. But it's not all about me. It's about the team and we've lost two games. And. I got to play better. And I think it's a good step in the right direction. We've got a big one next Saturday. Twenty points in sixteen rebounds for the huntersville senior and already flashing forward to next week against Kentucky in Chicago. That's a five fifteen tip time between the tar heels and Wildcats and just another obstacle to get across for the tar heels who have played is difficult to schedule as anybody getting through the non-conference portion of the season and just to recap what some of these opponents have looked like again going to Wofford and going to Ilan to open up the season hosting Stanford. Of course, the Tennessee tech and Saint Francis games were mixed in mid November. But since then it's been against Texas and UCLA on neutral floors at Michigan UNC w here Gonzaga, of course, in the rear view mirror, Kentucky, next and Davidson and Harvard before the ACC sleep begins with back to back road games at Pittsburgh and at North Carolina State to begin things and certainly no easy contests. Once you get into the ACC this. One wasn't easy. But the tar heels took care of business one oh three ninety beating Gonzaga again. It's just the first time Gonzaga's lost back to back games since February of two thousand fourteen and they've been to quality programs Tennessee last week Carolina tonight, the tar heels now eight and two Zack's nine and into we'll come.

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